Credit One Bank Reviews
Dec 14, 2017
Good for rebuilding
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I got this card to rebuild my credit and it has been pretty good. They report no late payments and I always pay on time. I always wait to make a payment after the last billing cycle to avoid any head aces. There fees are a little up there bit it's to be expected with a card like this. Get this card if you want rebuild.

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Dec 14, 2017

Do not do not try and get thos bogus card. Eqa -687 trans -677 odds verygood and still got declined a offer for a secured card. No colections loans deubt and still declined.

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Dec 01, 2017
LOL Annual Fees
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Credit karma has the annual fee as $0-$99 it should be $75-$99. It's 75 for first year and $99 after the first year. I'll be sending mine back when I get it. I have a capital one card and fee is only 39$.

Customer support are rude.

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