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Feb 23, 2017
Six weeks and no card...
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The first card was mailed Jan 13.   Did not receive - called customer service [india call center] and they sent to my street address without my apt. number.   Called on 2/1/2017 to report and they took down my apt. number and reissued.   Today is February 23, I reported to customer service....yes they DID NOT ADD MY APT NUMBER.   She will reissue another card today.   I wish I had read the reviews PRIOR to applying.  Not very happy with this company

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Feb 22, 2017

This card is very difficult! Sounds great in the beginning for builting or rebuilding your credit. After about 4-6 months your bill is higher, customer service is disrespectful and before you know it you feel stuck. They call you from different numbers and its just bad. Worst credit card I ever had! Don't get them you'd better getting a secured card from the bank.

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