Credit Acceptance Reviews
Sep 18, 2017
Full of scams and hard to refinance
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Do not use Credit Acceptance Corp. I read these reviews but decided to take my chances. That was my biggest mistake. My interest rate was crazy, 23.99%. I knew that going on, ok. I waited a year and tried to refinance. It took EIGHT MONTHS after that until I finally was able to refinance. There is no online website to log in for account information, anytime I needed to talk to a representative it took 20 minutes to get a person on the line and they were never able to properly answer my questions. I would request payment histories that were never sent. I also figured out my interest rate was varying, as they told me I didn't have a per diem rate. Meaning I was being charged different amounts of interest every month. I was paying over $200 in interest alone on a $369 monthly payment and ended up upside down in my vehicle. The company won't let you refinance with them and makes you fight tooth and nail to finance with someone else. Every bank I talked to when refinancing was shocked at how hard they made the process. Dealers told me they stopped using them because they sign people into loans they will never get out of. I signed into a high interest rate loan because I needed a reliable car. It was not worth it. You CAN find a better rate. I have worse credit now (due to lots of refinance applications making hard inquires), and I was able to get a 10.49% rate and lower my payment by $100. Overall I will save $8,000. Get auto loans elsewhere!!! Now I can finally work on paying off my vehicle, but it has been a long and stressful road that has cost me thousands of dollars. 

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