Credit Acceptance Reviews
Feb 26, 2017
scam company!!!!!!

those of you thinking of using credit acceptance.. DONT DO IT. We have been makig our payments on time every month for over 1 1/2 yrs (half of our contract of 3 yrs)  Jay called to see what the balance was that we owed, THEY TOLD US THAT DUE TO IT BEING A "NEW YEAR" MORE INTEREST OF 110% KICKED IN AND NOW WE OWE THE ENTIRE -ENTIRE- AMOUNT AGAIN. we went from owing about 6,000 to 13000!  who does that?! They literally keep you in debt... this is absolutely ridiculous. Now its going to look bad on us even though we have paid them! 

DO NOT USE CREDIT ACCEPTANCE. They will scam you into debt for a vehicle not even worth a 3rd of the price. 

I have a 2007 toyota rav 4 its worth 6,000 if you buy it.. this company wanted 12,000 after interest.. so we made payments of 480 a month. Got down to half the amount and all of a sudden its up to 13000 because we didnt pay it off completely fast enough. They said it was in the contract (probbably fine print). so they scam you out of a vehicle and money!! In all they basically wanted 24,000 for a car worth 6,000!  All because your credit is bad, yet they set you up to fail so you never pay them off which obviously makes your credit worse. 

Do not do it!!!!

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