Credit Acceptance Reviews
Jul 30, 2017
Cut and Dry
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Application process was easy peasy! I actually did not think that I'd get approved and I did! My credit had to be in the mid to lower 500s at the time (11/2013). I've been pretty dilligent the entire time of my loan with making on time payments, though, I've had some slip ups. I was never charged a late fee. They will hound you if you don't pay on the due date. After 3 years of ignoring ALL those calls, I answered and would explain my situation or set up an arrangement and guess what... No more calls! They say they do not have a grace period, however, if you pay with 30 days, it will not show as a late payment. I've only had a handful of lates during the 4 years. But, word of caution, a few lates will negatively impact your score, as it has mine. My word of advice, try to pay on time (within 30 days) and you'll not have any isssues out of them. If they are lending to you, it's likely your credit isn't good, high interest will come with that territory. Suck it up pay the bills and CAC can be your best friend! P.S. my interest wasn't awful... like 13% :-o

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