Credit Acceptance Reviews
Jun 01, 2017
Credit Acceptance Corp

Credit Acceptance Corp

I was bought with my wife to used car on 2013, was Saturn Vue 2004.The lender was Credit Acceptance

I was paying the loan during the last for years, I finished my debt with the car and the company say me, you have   a new debt for $ 2250 aditional in interest !!!

They retake possession of my car and send me a letter, show me that my new debt is $ 2750 more additional charges for interest, parking and keeping my personal things.

I call them and try to explain the situation and offer a negotiation of the balace I offer 1250 and pay off the balance, they dont want part of interest, the value of the car today 1000 to 2000 no more,  is an stupid company.

And finally they send me a letter final notice .... and they say ... they will sell my car

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