Commerce Reviews
Dec 22, 2013
horrible experience

Our sons car was totalled, commerce took over a week to even look at it, then had all the wrong vehicle info when they were ready to quote a settlement, thats after him faxing the vehicle information and options listed etc.  they then threatened to have him pay for the storage if he didnt sign off on it, while taking an additional week and a half to even come up with another quote, they were mean, rude, nasty, threatening, he had to involve the agent to advocate on his behalf.  They even continued to have the wrong contact phone number after being told the correct one time and time again.  They cant even get a phone number right do not take the risk of getting screwed.  its bad enough being in a horrific accident, then go without a vehicle for weeks, but to be treated so rudely is unacceptable.  we have since heard from our neice who had a similar experience.  We thank God we have Liberty Mutual where we are treated like a customer should be, respectfully.  we will never switch to commerce and advise our children not to as well.  In addition we own a business with multiple vehicles and they will never get that business either.  But ya know what they dont care anyhow or they would not treat their customers so rudely.  

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