Community Choice CU Reviews
Sep 01, 2016
Have no clue what they are doing!!!!!!!!

I have been banking at this bank for about three years and I have received 4 loans all 4 loans have been messed up I have ordered checks twice both times were messed up wrong address wrong name. I have talked to Brenda the manager downtown office and she says that this never happens I looked  on the reviews and it seems like this occurs more times then what she thinks. I recently tried to get loan and was told three different things Sarah who quit quoted me something  Joanne who is the new girl quoted me something different Jordan quoted me something different Brenda made excuses why am getting all these different quotes she is the manager  that doesn't take responsibility for her team members her excuse was Sarah quit not a good worker Joanne she's new and  doesn't know what she's talking about Jordan knows better and don't know why she did  what she did but I'm here to help you but I can't right now I have time sensitive things that I need to get done and I know you been trying to get a loan for over three days now but you're not that important can I try to give you a call tomorrow if I have time .

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