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Oct 18, 2017
Don't get a car loan through them
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I'm in the process of selling my car that I have a loan on, this is MY personal choice to save me some money in the long run. They have a grueling process to even get things going. 10-15 business days to process a payment that is direct wired then to generate a lien release letter? Makes NO sense. Telling me I need the title from the state, when I have called multiple places and they have told me I only need the letter and the title that I have on hand and it's considered released. Then customer service continues to tell me "Well you shouldn't be selling your car until the loan is paid off." Really? Because it's none of your business with what I do! Continue to tell me I should have went and traded it in at a dealer, great so then I could be in even MORE debt, makes perfect sense! The buyer and I are ready to do a seamless transaction and they're making it extremely difficult.

I will be extremely happy when all of this is said and done and I no longer have to deal with them.

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