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Aug 06, 2016
Do not waste your time.

I just recently received this card when I purchased a ring to pay off in one year.  I typically mail payments out 7 days in advance and well above the minimum.  My first payment was due on July 4th!  So needless to say I have been now with 2 late payments because of how they process the payments.  Sending out 7 days in advance is enough time for a company with integrity.  Not for TD Retail.  I recently mailed 3 items together including the Fred Meyer payment.  Both of the others came in plenty of time.  One went a little farther from MI to AZ compared to MI to FLA for the Meyer card.  Save your money and pay in cash or use a credit card that you have confidence.

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Apr 27, 2017
Lies lies lies
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I've had this card for 2 months, I never got a bill so I call around the 30 day mark and they told me I was 4 days late... no worries, not terrible right? WRONG!! I paid the bill immediately and they reported  me derogatory to TransUnion a week later. I called them today (27 April 2017) to find out why and was told they never reported anything to the credit bureaus, the next time anything would be reported would be May 10th... I was literally looking at the derogatory report on my CR when this idiot was telling me this. Then she back peddles and tells me about the last time it was reported, gives me an amount (which was wrong), etc. When I called her out on it she got flustered and put her supervisor on the phone.   

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May 18, 2017
Loved the store
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Loved the store when it came to my local mall, got the store card because I got two growning kids, less than a year of having it, the store lost my payment and then call center wouldn't talk to me over the phone as it was in my husband's name, even though I was trying to make a payment, so we closed the account and when I tried to pay it in store as we had continued, was told they wouldn't accept my payment because the card was old. 

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Feb 28, 2017
The worst card by far
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Be aware of the promotional offers. 

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