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Jul 19, 2017
Avoid unpleasant surprises
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I left my car to remove a new lease of the same brand "Subaru", Trusting that a fair evaluation of the condition of this, 

I received a few weeks later Chase estimate that I must pay after returning the lease of my Subaru Impreza 2014. 

In the report I find that for one of the details, in a door, I have to pay 953 dolare, which I think is ridiculous and totally excessive. 

Since for something similar, in the same car, in another door I must pay $ 110.

I called them on the phone for a month, they told me they were going to review the report with me, do not worry, they had many complaints.

Now I have in my hands an immitation of payment.

I called them and they told me that if I did not do a pre-inspection to fix some damage, now you have to pay what the bank asks for, 

and there is no possibility to change that or reduce the amount.

This means that the bank can take your money, in the amount that they can think of and you will not be able to discuss it. Just pay.

I've never felt so bad since someone stole my car's audio equipment, today I feel like I was stolen again.

Of course I will close all my accounts with CHASE, I do not deserve to be done this to me.

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