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Nov 14, 2017
Worst Experience Ever!!!
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This all began when I conducted a lease buyout for my car. I contacted them 10/30/2017 to get all the required information in order to purchase my car. I had a check overnighted which was received at 10am on 10/31/2017. I overnighted all the required forms as well to be received on 11/1/2017. The forms clearly state that it will take two business days from the receipt of the check to be overnighted. That would make that 11/2/2017. I called over and over again and they kept telling me that they were waiting on a Colorado specific sales tax form. How long should 1 form take to fill out? The form is a sales tax receipt saying how much sales tax Chase collected for the purchase of the car. Long story short, I finally received my title and sales tax form overnighted on 11/11/2017. I went into the DMV and waited approximately 2 hours to find out that Chase calculated the sales tax incorrectly. They collected city sales tax from me instead of county. The person who signed the form was Cynthia Denison. She apparently doesn't know how to do her job. So I went back to Chase and faxed all the documentation I received from the DMV stating how much they should pay and it also stated that they needed to correct the sales tax form. On 11/13/2017, they finally gave me a call back stating that they were pending a response if they are allowed to refund me the sales tax and send me a new form. Allowed? They did it wrong. I asked them why they wouldn't admit they made a mistake and they made it clear to me that they are still investigating if the sales tax was indeed calculated incorrectly. Seriously? I have a letter from the DMV stating they did it wrong. I called again this morning and they informed me that this will take another few days to resolve. You have got to be kidding me. Every time I call, they always thank me for being a valued Chase customer. If I was truly valued, I would have a corrected Sales tax form by now. This is the most ridiculous company I have ever worked with in my life. The employees of Chase Motors Finance are the most incompetent of all time. They are a bunch of liars. They do not care about their customers and should be held legally responsible for filing fraudulent forms and not taking the necessary steps to resolve them.   

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