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Feb 01, 2016
Approved with scores in the mid-600s!
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MyFico scores (which I pay for monthly) at the time were: 619TU 622EQ 654EXP. I took my vehicle to a local tire chain (Ramona Tire Center), and my bill came out to a total of $780 for some maintenance that was done to my vehicle. I was offered to apply for their credit card at 0% interest for the first 6 months with a 22% interest rate thereafter (high, but won't be used often and I did want to take advantage of the 0% intro APR). I agreed to apply and was approved for $1,000! I don't think I'll be using this card very often, and if anything will pay most of the balance on my first bill to reduce my utilization. The website is extremely user-friendly and practical. The account appeared on all 3 credit bureaus within a week, so I liked that! I mainly agreed to open it to have it handy for an unexpected vehicle emergency if not for my fancy performance tires I'm buying every year... but I mainly liked that it added a $1,000 credit account to my credit profile that is reported as a credit card. This will just increasy my revolving available credit, so it's a win-win for me! By the way... about month later, I was also approved for a Bofa Americard Cash Rewards card as well as my very first Amex! :) ... I would definitely recommend.

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