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Jul 05, 2016
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I have a yamaha credit card.  My credit is very poor, and they approved me for 3100.  the payment is 62 a month, and I pay 200 a month.  I think it's a great way to build your credit score.

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Apr 16, 2017
This is my first unsecured crefit card BK

It's been six months since my BK was discharged and up until now I only had a secured card. My credit score is 662 according to Experian. I was approved instantly for $750!

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Apr 22, 2017
Best card ever

I applied for the Davids bridal credit card because the wedding dress I fell in love with happened to be a clearance dress. I did not have the money that day to buy the dress, in fact, we were not even there for me. They had a bride to not show up and let me take her place. I applied for this credit card and within minutes I was approved. I paid my dress off within the 6 month time frame of no interest and then went back and got my veil. This card seriously saved my day. Plus, it's an extremely cute card. 

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Jan 07, 2017
Easy to get credit at Art Van
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Easy credit to get but buyer beware I have bought twice from Art Van and both Items wore out well before the free credit did.

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