Horizon Card Service Reviews
Jan 24, 2018
Don't Get It
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When I applied for this card and noticed the charges on my bank account for the fees to have the card I was pretty ****ed. I called to cancel the card almost immediately, their website said I will get my full refund if I cancel within 30 days. I spent an unrealistic amount of time on the phone. Every person I talked to wouldn't listen to me, they were sending me from person to person, and every person said I should keep the card because... and then when I still said I want to cancel they sent me to another person. The last person I talked to said they will drop the fee from $29.95 to $6.95, increase my line of credit to $1,000.00, and give me a $60 voucher for their website. At this point I was fed up with it. Obviously they were just trying to get money out of me. I didn't want to pay for something I won't use. They refused to cancel my account, so when I got charged again the next month after I thought they were going to cancel it like I asked repeatedly, I called again and said if you don't cancel the account right NOW, I am going to report this as fraud. Well wouldn't you know it, that worked. So in summary DON'T get the card. The only thing worth all of this headache was it did positively effect my credit score. So if you want something to positively effect your credit score that you pay a monthly fee for, then this card is okay for that. Otherwise, the customer service was terrible and they don't listen to you or care what you say.

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Jan 25, 2018

Can be mis concieving, BUT if you take the TIME to read and accept the terms and conditions you see it says can only shop on thier website... shame on those for complaining, clearly you didn't read the terms and conditions nor did you take time to read reviews!!! Yes they do try to get you to stay with them, but as with any company it's a business . They will lower the membership rate all you got to do is ask. Also they do offer other services which can be helpful. I found thier selection small and not really anything of style but if you like graphic tee thier great. You do have to pay for the cost of your item and the cost of shipping but overall I think it's ok card just cancelled card today due to getting another card and didn't need another line of credit open , and they where polite about cancelling . In the end i personally feel it's the approach you take and if your upset for not reading terms and conditions and call mad to cancel, next time READ, RESEARCH.

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