First National Bank of Omaha Reviews
Apr 04, 2017
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I have had my account since 2009 but something changed over the last 2 years. Their terrible system is only surpasssed by their horrible customer service. In Oct of 2016 some portal they have in Texas got hacked and my account was comprimised here in Omaha so they shut the account down. This was only after I found it out because when trying to use my card online the address no longer matched. Then it took them 2 weeks to get a new card to me. Now we come to March of this year and my online payment already set up for all of 2016 and Jan & Feb of 2017 does not go through even though I got an e-mail saying it did. I find out about this through a letter 14 days later in the mail! Customer Service tells me I must have puched the wrong radio button for checking versus savings however there is NO radio buttons only a drop down menu to selet the already stored pmt. account. A "supervisor" makes a manual payment and guess what, it doesn't go through again. I find out again by mail 14 days later and now account has been suspended. I call again and this time force "supervisor" to make 3 way call with my bank where they tell him their system is dropping numbers off the account and that is why it isn't going through. Once again a manual payment is made and my bank tells him there are funds to pay they just need to submit it correctly. I ask supervisor to remove the suspension and he says he can't until they get the payment but as soon as they do the suspension will be removed. This time I watch my bank account and indeed the payment goes through. Flash forward to April, I am in a store and the card is declined. I come home and call to find out that "even though the account is now current, unless I show them proof of payment from my bank, I have to wait 10 business days for the hold to clear!

So bottom line, nothing was my fault but I am penalized. Have new Visa card on the way from a reliable bank and shut this one down. Save yourself a lot of time and hassle. Stay away from FNB Omaha, they no longer appreciate customers like they used to and their IT department needs help!

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May 19, 2017
Declined for Secured Credit Card
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Im in the process of rebuilding my credit and are off to a good start in my opinion. I do have a lower score which is slowly improving. I was recently approved for the Discover It Secured card as well as a US Bank Secured Visa card. Both Discover and US Bank are really good banks and are harder to get approved for, I was approved for both recently so that clearly indicates that im doing something right. The First National Bank Secured Visa card is an ideal card to have, especially since it has no annual fee and the minimum deposit is only $300 and First National Banks website says this card is good for rebuilding credit which would be perfect for my situation however they denied me for this card. I submitted the online application and provided my banking info for the $300 deposit. An instant approval was not given and the application status showed as pending for about 5 business days which tells me that First National Bank most likely does a manual review of each applicants credit history and application. I received an email today indicating that a decision was made and for me to check the status online. I logged in and it stated that i was denied for the secured card and would receive a letter in the mail indicating the reason why. My advise is to not waste your time applying for this card. This bank in my opinion has very selective criteria even to be approved for a secured card. If anyone is in the same situation as me and is in the market for a secured card, I highly recommend the Discover It Secured card or a secured card by US Bank. Both banks and cards get 5 stars in my opinion.  I hope this review is helpful.

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May 30, 2016

If you live on the East coast, the mailing time from FNBO decreases over time so that you cannot return mail your bill. You are forced to use withdrawals from you checking account over the phone. If you like auto pay, sounds good otherwise there really is no grace period. They take 10-12 days to mail to you and you have 8 days to mail back. Hope you have budgeted for that!

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Sep 24, 2016
TD bank checking account.

Paid off account and closed account because it allowed me ti overdraw and charge overdraft fees which was not enclosed tome when opening thi account.

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