Discover® Card Reviews
Oct 08, 2016
Very good card for travelers
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I have been a Discover card member for almost 10 years and haven't had a complaint. I like Discover Card's fraud protection services. The company actually monitors their customer's accounts. I received a call from Discover Card's Fraud prevention team, asking if I was currently on the east coast (I live in the SF Bay Area), and was I trying to use my Discover card at a Target store. When I told the agent, I was not and my card was currently in my wallet, she immediately cancelled and told me that I will have a new card sent via Federal Express by close of business the next day. True to her word I received my new card.

Generally, I don't give reviews, but in this case the company deserves some credit. Many have written about their horrible experiences with customer service. I am fortunate not to have experienced the same.

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