Columbus Bank & Trust Company Reviews
Mar 26, 2016
Recd Collection notice

I received a collection notice too from convergent, I've never heard of this bank - shows it as the Original creditor. Its seems to be in the south-east and I sure as hell didnt have any card or loan with them.

I clicked I Own it - just because I had to click something to post this, haven't really had a loan from them. 

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Jan 05, 2017

I've bought the card in Wallmart. 

The card package says - "Use everywhere Visa debit is accepted". I bought it to use abroad. And put 50 dollars on it.

So, after you open package you realize that the card CAN NOT BE USED outside US!!!! I spent 50$ on the card +80$ for international shipping and not the card is USELESS. 

Customer service are idiots. They keep saying the card can't be used, it's default restriction. They could help me and disable fraud protection. More oever, when I talked about refund, they said they can do this, but there will be 15$ fee for it!!!!


I will check how to sue them. It's great case for the sue.

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