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When I applied for this credit card my score was 563. I was approved for 500 credit card with no interest for a year. I made various payments at least twice a month(on time) and kept my my utilization 1/3 of the balance. 6 months without requesting an increase I was given an increase to 1500.00. My credit score is now 660. I have monitored my credit score on a bi-weekly basis. I recieved an increase on my macy's credit card as well. I began with a secured credit card with Bank of America for 300.00 and that was the beginning of my journey to repairing my credit.I have two accounts which are currently being reported and are about 5-6 years old.

I made sure that once I got approved for these cards I did not apply for anything else. Now I am recieveing pre-approved offers which I dont apply for because I dont want any hard pulls on my account. In less then a year I have managed to increase my credit score by using Credit Karma and reading articles on how to increase my credit. I am happy to say that I went from poor to fair in less than a year.

As for customer service I cant really comment on any of that because I have never had to call them. I pay my bill on line and thats it.

Good luck everyone I am proof that you can fix your credit

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