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There is no way I'm going to get this card. It's a pure set up. CK lists me as very good odds and I thought about getting this card for the free fico score however, there's no way I'm applying just to receive 3 WHACKS ON MY TRAUNSUNION ACCOUNT WHEN I APPLY. Really? What a set up? It's one thing to whack each credit bureau once, but to whack a single bureau 3 times is clear to me that they're trying to hurt my score so I can keep their card! No way Jose, I hope Barclaycard and anyone suggesting this card to rebuild their credit would reconsider. Its not worth the 3 whacks! It'll take me a year for me to recover my score from the 3 whacks. Just my humble opinion. I've increased my score over 80- 100 points(depending on the bureau) in 8 months, I must be doing something right. My advice to all - STAY AWAY

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