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Mar 27, 2015

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Although I have not received my card as of yet, reading the review about the person who had a bankruptcy on their credit report is what really gave me hope to apply for this card.  I filed for bankruptcy in 2005, and unfortunately it still lingers on my credit.  Although CK said my approval odds were very good, I was still very skeptical about applying for this card, because like everything else, I thought I would be denied for it.  Gladly to say, I was approved for the first time ever with a $1000 credit limit.  Not to mention, capital one gave me a $1500 credit increase.  I have worked really hard to improve my credit, and I will work even harder to keep it that way.  There is nothing worse than wanting something so bad, but yóu're always told no because your credit isn't the best.  Thank you barclaycard for giving me a chance. 

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