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May 16, 2017
Yearly companion fares enticed me!
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I applied with a 704 score on credit karma and was accepted for the signature card so I get all the advertised perks and a $5000 limit. However the letter I received from the card company stated my Experience score was only 660. Anyway I was approved and hoping to take advantage of the reward miles.

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Oct 21, 2017
Be Very Careful
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Long-story made short, after being laidoff from an great job a few years ago in the recession; I ended up filing a Chapter 7 BK in 2015 because my income had not caught back up to even half of my pre-2010 income and I was being buried further and further in debt. My BK has been discharged for over 2 years now, I have 100% on-time payment history, less than 30% revolving credit utilization, my FICO scores are 703, 715, and 728. I've been looking to upgrade to a travel rewards card and was pre-qualified for this card on the BofA website so I decided to apply. Sadly, I was declined because of the BK and now I have a hard inquiry on my credit report to boot! This is unfortunate for BofA as I had excellent credit before my BK and am well on my way to an excellent credit rating again, however, I will not be doing business with them in the future due to this. Lesson learned: just because they prequal you DO NOT apply for this card if you have ever filed a BK.   

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Dec 13, 2016
Nice Card
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I love the cash back rewards on this card but one negative thing i can say about this card is that the application process took almost 30 days.

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Sep 23, 2017
Easy to get, hard to pay w/o BoA acct
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I applied for this card a few months ago and was easily approved.  I chose the smallest credit limit ($300) because I prefer to keep my cash in my own savings account.  The application process was super-easy -- everything is done online, even the deposit.  There's no rewards or other incentives, but that's pretty common for a secured card.  And everything was going perfectly until I decided to close my Bank of America checking and savings accounts, since they're now adding fees to those.  Now that I only have the BoA credit card and no other BoA accounts, I no longer have access to BoA's Billpay feature. That makes sense for BoA accounts, but the nice thing about their Billpay was that I could connect an account from my other bank, and so it was simple to pay off my BoA credit card online with money from another bank.  Not anymore.  Now that Billpay is unavailable (even though the rep at the BoA branch told me I'd still be able to use it), my only options to pay my bill are by phone (no additional charge) or by mail.  Just tried the phone payments, and it's not terrible, but it's nowhere near as easy as clicking a few buttons online.  The card is still decent, I'll continue to use it, and I'm really glad BoA made getting the card so simple.  Unfortunately, they're just not up to par with all the other big banks (Discover, Cap One, etc) who have phone apps that do more than simply show you your balance if you don't have other accounts through them.  Obviously BoA has the technology to do it, but they choose not to, presumably to coerce you into opening an additional account with them.  Something tells me I'll be doing most of my spending now on Discover and Capital One, since they make paying so much easier than Bank of America does.

Bottom line, if you're rebuilding your credit, pick a card that's easier to make payments on, unless you happen to have other accounts with BoA.  The whole point of a secured card is to prove you're responsible, and having very limited payment options is not a good start.

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Aug 10, 2017
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thats right. thus card offers a buy one, get one companion fare offer. 

easiest way to get upgrades to premium and first class.

miles can be shared with all of their 20 partners .

no black out dates, no bag check fees, no miles ever expire.

the opening/intro offer of 30,000 miles is alomst a round trip ticket to any of Alaska Airlines and now Virgin America destinations.

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