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May 16, 2017
Yearly companion fares enticed me!
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I applied with a 704 score on credit karma and was accepted for the signature card so I get all the advertised perks and a $5000 limit. However the letter I received from the card company stated my Experience score was only 660. Anyway I was approved and hoping to take advantage of the reward miles.

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Jul 09, 2017
Have to wait for the card in the mail

When I applied I had around 720 score.  They did not approve immediately.  They took a day and approved with a CL of 1200.  When I asked the customer care why they made me wait, the lady said they were looking at my credit to decide how much CL to give me.  It's a decent card for medium expenditure customers, who don't spend 3K to 4K in three months so cannot utilize the offiers provided by other cards like Chase Sapphire. 

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Dec 13, 2016
Nice Card
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I love the cash back rewards on this card but one negative thing i can say about this card is that the application process took almost 30 days.

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Jul 05, 2017
If you don't qualify, a hidden scam!
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If you don't qualify the Visa Signature card, what should happen is: you receive a letter at home saying you wasn't approve. You swallow the hard inquiry. That's it. But it's not how Bank of America rolls. If you don't qualify to Visa Signature, they send you the Visa Plantinum. If you ever activate it, good luck: 1 mile per dollar spent, 2 times on Alaska, NO PERKS: No companion fare; no free checked bag. NOTHING at all. 2x miles on Alaska purchases and that's it. THE CARDS ARE IDENTICAL, except for the label below the VISA logo. If you fall for it, you might find it out too late.

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