Bancorp Bank Reviews
Aug 02, 2016

I have been a Rushcard member since 2005. I was calling to request a courtesy to waive the monthly so I can be able to withdraw exactly $100 from an ATM because my balance was around $95. The customer service rep stated that they would need a supervisors approval. I was placed on hold for less than 30 seconds and the rep came back and said NO WE CANNOT DO THAT. I HAVE NEVER CALLED FOR ANY COURTESY IN THE 11 YEARS. The customer service rep asked to place me on hold to see if she can speak to another supervisor. After being on hold for 15 minutes she came back and said I can give you a $5 courtesy. She was very polite but I could tell that she WENT THROUGH HELL with a supervisor for that approval. There should be protocol and procedures when dealing with accounts. I have been a customer for over 11 years BUT I HAVE EMPTIED MY ACCOUNT TO $0 AND CUT UP MY CARD. After never requesting anything out of the norm, just one experience and a customer has been lost. Considering the monthly fees I have paid over the last 11 years. $785.40 which is only 0.75% of the $5.95. LOST LOYAL CUSTOMER.

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