Capital Bank Reviews
May 23, 2017
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ok first part of the review i cant complain my opening deposit is 250 will be which i am making next week. i have been reading you cannot use a debit card for a payment so what about an electronic check with aba and account number? i have been working with transunion and in 30 days have disputed 37 collections(medical) 28 have been deleted and my score has gone from 503 to a 533.  i want NO hits to my score so i will not right now apply for the discover secured card((which i want)). the reviews for open sky have been predictable no card is going to plz everyone. utilization is key so i want to keep charges at less than 30% and not carry a balance.  my advice to anyone thats struggling with collection companies  DISPUTE DISPUTE DISPUTE!!!! the burden of proof is not on you its on them. the only thing my 30 point increase cost me was my time......

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