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Feb 21, 2017
Amazing Customer Service!
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I received this card about 2 weeks ago and made my first purchases. I immediately made my payment and about a week later, my account showed a payment reversal and a $25 dollar fee!! My bank doesn't honor ACH payments so I freaked a little lol. Seeing as how my bill was due in a week, I contacted opensky's customer service and the gentleman who was FANTASTIC informed me I could send the payment priority mail and that he will waive the $25 fee after my balance was paid ( your allowed one waiver every 12 months!) , so I immediately went to the post office and sent my payment which was the full balance due. I received an email 10 minutes later saying the fee was waived! so I called customer service again ( I got right through both times) to find out if having the $25 overpayment would affect my account and the wonderful lady explained to me it would just show up as a credit on my account :) what a great card to have. I can't get over how friendly their customer service is and how fast they responded to my emails. I can't wait to start rebuilding my credit with them. I am going to recommend them to everyone I know :) fyi, I was approved and had my card in about 2 1/2 weeks.

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