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Jun 22, 2017
Get as a last resort
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Others have said it too, 6-8 days to process a payment!!  This is ridiculous and had knowing that going into it, I would be this upset.  I made a payment on the 16th, the funds center out of my bank account on the 19th and still no funds on the card.  However, when calling in or looking at my statement online, my available credit is $465.  In this time and age, how the hell does is take 6-8 business days to process this?!  I see they were able to charge it the $35 annual fee in the meantime as my card got declined at the gas pump.  I will be closing this account and going with a more timely and reputable companies secured card immediately.  If they're not going to post delay in their terms & conditions, Credit Karma should be warning its users of it.  

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