Capital Bank Reviews
Jan 23, 2017
If you have no other options!
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I've had this car for over a year now with ZERO issues. This is a great card for people who have BAD credit. My credit score was 473 now it's 574 fico not ck. Ck says I'm 640ish. Before getting this card I tried every single other credit card and got declined. The reason being whenever I was 18 I ran up about 8k worth of credit card debt and let it go and actually got sued. So I've been in the process of rebuilding. Anyways this is a card you only load 200 dollars onto and only use it to pay netflix or something small every month and pay Balance off in full every statement and forget about it. This isn't a daily use credit card. If you can't afford to basically put 200 dollars onto it and forget about it... Than this card IS NOT for you. If you follow the few simple rules than it'll be your best friend and rebuild your credit as intended! I now have 3 credit cards and approved for an auto loan with capital one! Open sky is my only secured credit card and I don't plan to close it until I have enough positive credit to out weigh closing it.

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