California Coast CU Reviews
Jul 31, 2016
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Make sure that you find out FIRST if anyone in the building knows how to handle LOANS that Cal Coast offer you.  I spent countless hours on the phone with them and then in the La Mesa Branch.  CCCU offered me a 1.88% loan.  Once I arrived, I waited and waited for assistance, some rude some ok.  From Miriam to Lisa to Cynthia to Victor...Lastly,  "Branch Manager" Richard.  The team failed me miserably!  A couple of weeks ago, we found a vehicle in Vegas...decided we would give Calif Coast another try after screwing up before.  Ok, loan was processed.....THEN, someone else explained that the first girl was new but didn't know that the loans out of state couldn't get financed through Calif Coast.  I had literally received my paperwork including first payment date, rate had increased but I fell for it anyway.  The next couple of employees waited for me to come back as they were supposed to meet me but called the front desk with the explanation of why there was no way that the loan could be processed!  I was furious.....No one had answers but the 'Branch Manager" who contacted their boss and says in the middle of the conversation while I'm sitting across from him...OH, she's confused". I politely waited for him to end his phone call, called him out on it, he pretended he did not remember saying, she's confused.  He made excuses for the staff without a resolution for me...I should have known since their reputation with loans don't seem too reputable. Calif coast had previously dropped the ball on me and Navy Fed took up their slack.  Navy Fed has bailed Calif Coast out doesn't look good to see that I've been with the Calif coast for almost 25years and they have'nt done much for me except screwed me over MISERABLY!  Do your homework before trusting just ANYONE to handle your most trusted affairs.  I may leave Calif coast soon and they may not care but I want to WARN you!  RESEARCH FIRST!  Don't allow the same thing to happen to you, it's HORRIBLE!

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