BMW Financial Reviews
Jan 29, 2017
Good customer service, poor rewards
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Customer service is responsive and the online experience is acceptable.    The card is really pretty unremarkable though with very average rewards.   I can't think of any reason to keep this card other than it helps keep my credit score high because I have a high credit line and don't use the card.

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May 11, 2017
These guys SUCK!!!

I had a loan with BMW and paid it off in advance electronically.. I tried to get my title however, was told I needed to wait 20 days to insure the funds cleared. What is this 1975. Funds to clear? It was sent to my account to theirs. Then I was told needed to wait at least 15 days so there wouldn't be a dispute. Idiots, a dispute can take place 6 months later. 

When I wanted to speak with a manager was flat our refused!

They are arrogant and rude!

The rates were great but customer service along the lines of a Comcast, United Airlines and Wells Fargo. 

Bottom of the barrel 

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