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Sep 20, 2017
Don’t even waste your time!
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DO NOT USE CLEARLANE!!  I wish I had read these reviews prior to applying just to save a few bucks. They don't call you back, they don't email you back. Every time I did receive a phone call I had to verify my information over and over. This is very unsettling given the nature of the personal information you have to disclose.

to top it all off, I had to call them back to find out why my loan wasn’t disbursed after they had already given me an application approval notice , all for them to tell me my loan was rejected! 

You think they would bother to call the customer or even attempt to send an email stating they declined my application, nope after no response for 2 weeks all the representative said was I don’t have any further information but I can call you back. 

Dont even waste your time! Extremely disappointing and the worst customer service ever!

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