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Jan 03, 2017
Surprising approval
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I was on Apple's website drooling over an iPad a few weeks ago, and saw that they offered up to 18 months interest free financing; I initally decided against it, but checked CK and had a 643 & 644, FICO 626, so decided to throw caution to the wind and apply. Boy, was I surprised! Instant approval for $2,000 (my household income is relatively high - I think that's the only reason I got that much to start); this is extra sweet because I was just denied by Chase for the Best Buy store card. A friend (and apple fanatic) opened this card several years ago and said it began at around $500 and is currently at $6,000; he also called within a year and lowered the interest, which I am hoping to do because right now they offer as low as 13.99% but mine is 23.72%, which is fine because I plan on ONLY using it to buy things interest-free at Apple. I love that I get triple points on iTunes, App Store, and Apple's stores and website, and double points for dining out. Even had to speak with customer service the other day, and it was just so smooth! Overall very happy! 

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