Barclay's Bank DE Reviews
Mar 26, 2017
Your $/credit is not safe with them!

I have a credit card account with BarclayCard. They cashed a fraudulent balance transfer check and charged it to my account. I reported this as fraudulent almost 3 weeks ago. I received a letter stating that they could do nothing for me. I have called them repeatedly asking them to explain why they can't do anything for me and asked them where the $300.00 went that I supposedly transferred to one of my accounts, because there is no record of $300.00 being transferred to any of my accounts. Each time that I had called I was told that they would look into the matter and contact me personally with updates. They were also NOT able to tell me where the money went when I asked them where the money had been transferred to every time that I had called! They didn't even contact me once except for the letter telling me that they can't do anything for me. Do NOT bank with Barclaycard!!! The customer service is horrible! They have actually robbed me, or at least they are trying to since they actually accepted a fraudulent check and charged it to my account! They appear to be doing nothing in the form of actual investigation into this matter!

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