Barclay's Bank DE Reviews
Aug 09, 2017
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I got this card from the Apple site. They initially gave me a 2k limit, but I didn't make a purchase in the apple store for a month, then when I wanted to they said it was only 30 days to use the special offer of no interest, at this point I'd have to pay interest on any purchase...

So I just decided to use the card to pay my cable bill every month, thus keeping it under a 10% utilization. I NEVER missed a payment, and always paid my statement in FULL.

Six months in, they lowered my limit to 1k... Ok fine, it's 500 less so who cares, right? Kept making on time full payments.

Just found out, now a year into owning this card, they did it AGAIN.

I'm also hearing that they have a habit of completely CLOSING cards if they don't like the soft pull they did (they apparently do them every six months) reasons for limit decrease and closures seem to be using OTHER cards a lot (Like that's their business) or too many inquiries since opening their ****ty card!

I'll never close it, but if they do, whatever. 500 won't ding my score much.

But for someone who gets a high limit from them, and uses it often, that might be a problem.

Stay away from this card, it sucks.

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