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May 23, 2017
Customer service sucks

Hope you never have a complaint. The customer service will never help you, and will not explain anything. 

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Dec 28, 2016
Random service for excellent customers
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Balance tranfer offers are subject to how they feel on a given day despite having a 840 FICO and nearly four years of perfect payments with them. They don't even have the decentcy of sending you a letter or caling.

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Mar 03, 2017
Best Card So Far

I love this card. Credit line is awesome and the customer service is wonderful.

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May 18, 2017
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Before applying for this card, I called to speak with customer service to ensure that the promotional offers applied to certain services and did not have any hidden issues.  I spoke extensively with a woman, who told me all the things I wanted to hear.  Based on her representations, I applied for the card.  Upon receipt of my card, however, I quickly discovered that the information she gave me was blatantly false.  I called to complain and find out more, but was basically told "too bad."  I requested to speak to a manager, but none were available.  One was then supposed to call me withing 24-48 hours, but no call was received.  I also turned to the online customer support, but it was obvious that the support team was not even reading my emails.  The responses didn't address the issue at all, and contained wrong information in them.  I believe that I was given false information to induce me into applying for this card.  Once approved, the company had no interest in backing up its promises to me.  This card has been nothing but a headache -- the only consistent thing they have done is disappoint.  

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Feb 08, 2017
Good diversification
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CK says my odds are poor but I was approved with a $1300 limit. I did have to call in for verification though  it wasn't an instant approval  

Barclays can be sensitive so I won't use this card much after the initial $100 reward bonus. 

I have bank cards by Capital One, Synchrony Bank and Merrick. I added this one and want an AMEX and Discover  to round things out. No thank you on Chase and I haven't looked into Citi. 

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Apr 18, 2017
NO Fraud Protection

Zero fraud protection. I had not used the card for 15 months, and stopped checking my statements (my fault). 15 months after not using my card, a Netflix recurring charge appeared on my account from Florida ( I live in Chicago). I was unaware of these charges for 5 months until I got a call from collections. I disputed this with Priceline, they accepted and confirmed fraud. Due to this, my credit score dropped from 808 to 589. Priceline did not report the fraudulent activity back to the credit companies and my credit took a huge hit, all for $72. Priceline should have caught this charge the second it happened, but never flagged it as fraud. I now am not able to apply for a mortgage, thanks Priceline. It will take a month to get this all figured out!

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May 08, 2017
Never could redeem points- worst airline

I have had this card for about 6 years (maybe longer) Barclay's Bank (Bank behind the card is ok) but try to redeem points - I just gave up 60,000 (yes 60,000 points).  I could never ever redeem them.  I tried multiple times booking a flight only to be told no seats available.  On one occassion after trying to book for anytime up to 4 months out to Milwaukee I asked the customer service specialist where I could fly -- anywhere-- anytime to redeem my points -- and they could not give me one single flight.  I wish the CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau) would investigate this company as far as I am concerned it is both false and deceptive advertising.  I will never fly frontier again - not to wish them well but maybe someone will buy them sooner than later and put them out of thier misery for everyones sake. Good luck trying to redeem the points for anything - they say you can use to rent a car (give that a try - didn't work for me either) but if you love magizines I think you might be able to redeem for them sucessfully - let me know if anyone has been successful. 

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Jul 08, 2016

This is a serious warning....... don't fall for their 50,000 miles scam...... they would give you every reason why they can't grant you the miles even if you spend the minimum required amount and fell short one little thing.
Warning......... do not open an account with Miles & More MasterCard. These guys are the biggest scam ever. Bad customer service. Worst company to ever deal with. Try to stick with Credit Card company that is the USA (they know customer service) based, not a British or whatever other country's credit card companies are................

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