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Nov 12, 2017
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I've never had a problem with Barclay lowering my limit, and I've received several credit limit increases since getting the card over 3 years ago at a starting limit of $1,300. I believe the first increase was automatic, but I had to initiate the other credit limit increases which resulted in a hard inquiry. However, they were approved each time, and my limit is now $6,300. I utilize this card alot although I now have other cards such as the Capital One Quick Silver and Venture, Wellsfargo Cash Wise and most recently, the Discover It that I'm waiting to receive. The 2% that you receive on gas, groceries and utilities add up very fast, and I normally redeem the rewards for gift cards. Also, you get the 2% for the grocery category at stores like Dollar General, Family Dollar and Fred's. Since I pay this card in full each month to avoid the high interest, I profit from the benefits. Also, I don't have to contact Barclay very much, but my issues have always been resolved when I contacted customer service.

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Dec 28, 2016
Random service for excellent customers
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Balance tranfer offers are subject to how they feel on a given day despite having a 840 FICO and nearly four years of perfect payments with them. They don't even have the decentcy of sending you a letter or caling.

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Oct 01, 2017
great rewards
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No annual fee plus cash advance option. Great identy theft service...

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Oct 10, 2017
Nice APR, but quick to lower limit
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They've lowered my limit with each payment. I guess they don't want my business anymore. No missed payments with any lender in 18 years, carholder with them almost 3 years.

You've been warned.

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Aug 04, 2017
No rewards, bad customer service and fee
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When I got this card I thought tthere was gonna be some serious nfl rewards or discount but there not much there. I got a ton of points and can't use it for anything . The card is below average in giving any kind of benefits. The stick it to you eastern time zone  late fees kills me, I dont' live in the east coast so when I make my payment on time , I shouldn't get hit with fees. I don't know any other credit card company that does that except for Barclays. I love my Team but Barclays  a terrible card. Customer service is also a joke, I need to talk to  a live person, everytime I ask for operator I get sent to payment by the automated machine. Just skip it, save yourself the hassle. I got rid of card asap.

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Nov 11, 2017

Can you give A zero star rating? Impossible to use the rewards points. Don't waste your time and lower your credit score applying for this card, it's a joke.

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Oct 29, 2017

I met all of the terms and conditions for the card's bonus miles and my bonus miles were not showing up on my account. I spent over an hour on the phone being transferred around and noone was transferring me to the right people to help resolve the problem. I was extremely frusturated with the whole process, and it makes the "bonus miles" not even worth it. 

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