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Dec 05, 2016

Don't believe the ratings on lower credit scores... WAS NOT APPROVED!

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Oct 11, 2016
if the computer says no", try try again.
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So I applied for this card and originally got denied. They sent me a letter saying I didn't have enough revolving accounts. Of course, I am 20yo. I only have a Cap1 cc with a 300CL and then my auot loan. My FICO is 664. I didn't want them to say "no" so I called underwriting and spoke with a very professional, kind gentleman. He asked me about my goals, my intentions, and the inquiries on my report. After, he stated he got me approved for a 750CL. Which I thought was just unbelievable. I am a happy camper. Even though the IR is high, the 2x pts on gas, grocery, and utility is fantastic. If you get denied, try try again! CK said I had poor approval odds, which was slightly true

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Jul 28, 2016
They Took A Chance On Me
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BK in '13, clean since. CreditOne card, repay perfect. TU 697, CK 693. CK odds 'very good'.

Applied via telephone. Answered all app questions. Put on hold about 1 min, came back with a 2k CL. I'm very pleased. I've been granted a second chance on my credit. Thank you Barclay's for takin' a chance, thank you Credit Karma for having this site with all the wonderful information.

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Dec 02, 2016
Beware of Barclay Bank CLD!
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I've had this card for nearly two years, paid in full, or paid down to 25-35% util before statements cut, used for $1 fee cash advances for buying items on CL without going into town to a real bank. They cut my credit line from 2000 to 1300 when I checked to see how much I needed to pay to get down bellow 30% a few weeks before statement date. I have about 49K worth of CC without any new ones in the past 6 months and only 4 inquires in TU in the past year. 

Barclay bank doesn't care if you make large payments and are responsible. Won't restore credit line either. Don't trust them! Go with Capital one, Chase, Amex, or Discover instead! Sure that $1 fee and 8% is tempting, but don't risk it with the ring of fire card! 

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Nov 25, 2016
$100 statement credit for the first $500
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Great Card

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Nov 03, 2016
Great if you're not picky
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I don't mean picky in the negative sense.  I'm not particular about where I stay just the star level.  It is 1% everywhere else yes.  I have used it for name your own price hotels and express deal hotel booking and received the 5% back though.  This summer I recieved over $100 back.  I recommend it, just beware where you can actually get the 5% and pay it in full because the interest rates are high

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Dec 02, 2016
Not sure per reviews
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Let's see I just got a AAdvantage and a Barclay Rewards all within the last 2 weeks - I subsequently had to recon the Barclay as the system declined but was able to be approved, well 8 days later I applied for this card to increas my buying power between flights (Frontier was cheaper for what I needed it for) ok so I apply - same decline - call in for recon - no dice due to new account being opened and inquries. As consumers we need to fight this who agreed to these regulations - can you imagine having your GPA drop every time a potential school or business viewed your why is credit any different, its none of their business where I apply or how often I apply, if I have 0 late payments what difference does it make how I manage my credit file you should be looking at my income, score, and payment history the things that really determine your risk but we shouldnt lose points from viewing our credit and should do away with hard and soft we have the power and we continue to let these banks drag us - I sent letter to see if I can recon or remove the inquiry at least - will report back if I remember too

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Jul 08, 2016

This is a serious warning....... don't fall for their 50,000 miles scam...... they would give you every reason why they can't grant you the miles even if you spend the minimum required amount and fell short one little thing.
Warning......... do not open an account with Miles & More MasterCard. These guys are the biggest scam ever. Bad customer service. Worst company to ever deal with. Try to stick with Credit Card company that is the USA (they know customer service) based, not a British or whatever other country's credit card companies are................

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