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Sep 17, 2015
They have bad business practices.

I needed to close my deceased father's credit card accounts. They wanted a copy of his death certicate which is understandable. However, they also required, in writing, all this other information, such as DOB, SS#, etc., not just his name and account #. All that info is already on the death certificate! After waiting several weeks for a confirm, I call them. After being on hold for about 15 minutes, I ask about his accounts and find they were moved to collections! What???!!! There weren't any balances on these accounts. Apparantly, the "deceased persons" dept. falls under collections. OK, I get transferred and put on hold again for another 10 minutes. Then when I ask about written confirmation of the closures, the rep tells me they don't send any kind of written confirmation. Again...what???!!! How am I supposed to know the accounts have been closed, just be taking some reps word for it? Also, they require something in writing to close the account. They should also provide written confirmation of the closure for customers' records! I don't even want to know what other extremely poor practices they have. Here's this big bank who can't confirm in writing an account has been closed. However, when I closed my father's gas credit card, it was much easier to do, and they sent me a letter! I would steer clear of Associated Bank and their CCs.

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Jun 19, 2014
Currently a customer.
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Great bank. I started my checking account senior year of highschool with them and they were great! Great programs to help start a good financial future. Something cool is that they gave me free Packers Checking with my direct deposit from my employer. The account included: Packers Check Card, Free Packers checks, and 10% off anything I purchase at the Pro shop. They are always really helpful and very friendly. They tend to be a bit slow with larger deposits however I'm sure they aren't the onnly bank. So far so good, had them for around 3 years and I really hope not to change any time soon.

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