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Jul 12, 2017
The Worst Credit Union Ever!
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I was a member here for about 4 months and was severely disappointed!  They have very nice people working for them, but they are all scared stiff due to an out of control HR department that fires people at will (men are leaving in droves) for no valid or proven reason at all.  Then they actually hire Bryan Cave Law Firm in St. Louis to harass their members they do not like and keep them from going to certain branches if they have made any type of complaint!  HR is all women so they seem to be prejudiced against men and fire employees at will without warning or valid reason!  Presidant Robert McKay needs to get a handle on what his HR department can and cannot due as they own the business currently!

Many of my employee friends are about to jump ship ASAP.  They have purchased and started developing branches and then decided their location they picked was not viable after they had started to develop it!  Crazy leadership.  I feel so sorry for their employees working under this corruption and stress.

Run and do not walk from this institution!  Do not support corruption and wasteful spending of your deposits and credit card profits!  Very sad!  Good people going wrong!

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