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Mar 10, 2014
Inconsistent service
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Huge inconsistencies with deposits being placed on hold! One day no issues with a deposit of X amount, then a week later a 7+ day hold is placed on a deposit of the same size of smaller. Who you happen to get as a tell should be taken out of the equation. That is not the case at Amplify! 

Few ATM's around town and high fees to use others. 

Not used to doing high dollar transactions (transactions over 5K or 10K) always flag and a hold even with a strong deposit history and high credit score!  

Consistently disappointed in most all of my dealings with Amplify. LONG waits for teller if you go inside and mobile deposit from phone very limited on functionality and BIG limits on when deposits come available. 

I am in the processes of paying off and moving accounts to another credit union. 

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