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May 15, 2017
Refuses to honor claim
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6 months ago I filed a claim against an Amica after a car they insured with a drunk driver on a suspended license hit my truck so hard i rolled over. The driver then fled on foit leaving me for dead. In the six months since I have not received any compensation for my losses or medical bills or lost wages. I also received no substitute transportation. From day one Amica mislead me about time tables and policies. They dodge calls from myself and my insurance company and often refuse to let either of us speak to a superviser. Also calls are never returned to my insurance company or myself. The appraisal Amica took of my losses is a joke. It uses trade in values as fair market values and invents pre-existing damage that never existed on my truck. As for personal property damage they say its my loss sue the drunk driver with warrents out for his arrest. I have filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Board of Insurance and even they are have trouble getting Amica to properly handle the claim. Amica has made up their own version of events to paint their insured as the victim and me as an idiot. They could not care less about victims.

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