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Mar 17, 2016
Unresponsive, slick, dishonest, slow
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If you buy a car with them, they will not work with you when you run into an issue.  They wont even allow you to sell the car to pay off the note.  My mother is dealing with this bank right now after the death of my father and they are harrassing her and wont allow her to sell the car to satisfy the debt.  And they send men to her house (twice) to strong arm her into giving them the car.  The State Police were called and warned the man that he has no right to be on her property.  The bank still will not talk to my mother or her lawyer to settle this debt and the continue to send demand letters to a dead man.  And yes they know that my father passed away in August of 2015.  For a credit union they are unresponsive to members even members in good standing for decades.  

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