AIS Reviews
Dec 09, 2016
canceling is impossible

I sent a message using their website and they claim they never received it. Each time I call there are long wait times. My shortest wait time is 3 minutes because I chose new quotes (sales department) in the prompts instead of service for current customers. My shortest hold time to their customer service department was 15 minutes.

I also sent an email to cancel and they eventually back dated to the date they received my email, but still would not cancel the policy until the customer retention department spoke to me in person. This was super annoying because i had so long wait times that i could not complete a call on my work break so i had to hang up. Then they would call me when I couldnt speak or i missed the call. I even went on their chat on the website and that was not enough. Eventually I was able to call and talk to someone, but my call was not enough. They could not cancel because they spoke to me. They sent me an email with a cancelation document and i had to open it and digitally sign it. I did it while on the phone, then finally i was canceled!

I still have not received my refund. They said it could take up to 3 weeks, but wheni called Mercury they said one week so hopefully they are right. Thangfully the new broker also put me at Mercury so i do not have a cancellation fee. Otherwise it was going to be 10% of my 6 month premium! ridiculous! signing up is easy, but cancellin is super hard and takes days unless you have nothing to do but be onthe phone all day.

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