AIS Reviews
Aug 29, 2016
Bait and switch

Signed up on line for auto insurance with Mercury insurance, I was not warned but it was the Auto Insurance Specialist’s web site. I requested $100K $300K on the on line form, ended up with $5K and $10K coverage.  

It appears the web site give the defaulted price ( lowest coverage), which  gives the lowest monthly price for insurance, to get customers to buy regardless of the limits they are asking.

Then customer’s limits are defaulted to the lowest coverage, just so they can sell an insurance policy, and get buyers hooked.  Customers are than obligated to stay with AIS for 6 months even though they do not have adequate coverage.  Cancel and pay a cancellation fee.

When one calls Auto Insurance Specialists’ 800 number, it takes about up to 45 minutes on holds before an agent comes on line, then they blame it on the customer.  

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