AIS Reviews
Jul 19, 2017
Imagine Being Stuck in Traffic For 4h

I wouldn't recommend AIS to even my worst enemy. It has been a constant back and fourth. I signed up with their auto insurance at a good rate. Little did I know that there was a miscalculation on their end, that had resulted in a $700+ premium increase of my insurance. 

This is where everything went downhill. They first told me that in order to cancel, I'd still have to pay a 10% cancellation fee to Mercury Insurance. Even though it was a miscalculation on their end. It only took 34 minutes and 23 seconds for me to get the 10% fee waved. Now it didn't stop there.

They're now telling me that since I was covered for two days (1 being a holiday) that they're going to charge me for those two days according to the new premium. Even though those two days I was covered under a previous insurance policy for one day and a different insurance policy for another. Which means they are to flat out cancel my insurance policy without any sort of fee taken out or even prorate it. They wanted proof of this, which I sent over. LITTLE DID I KNOW that it wasn't sufficient enough for them to release my monies. Now I'm stuck on the phone with them once again in order to inform them that I was covered those two days with different insurance agencies and I want my monies back.

I know for a fact that this is unacceptable. Any other insurance agency would have willingly seen their error in calculating the premium and refunded me, no questions asked. I've spent a collective 4 hours and 23 minutes on the phone with these people - that's including hold time, contacting the other insurance agencies and faxing over documentation. I recommend never to do any dealings with AIS or Mercury insurance.

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