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Aug 21, 2017
Coding Does not equal customer service
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If you finance a major zero interest purchase through this outfit,  find that you need to exercise the guarantee on your purchase, necessitating a refund from AFFIRM, watch it like a hawk.  Apparently, they can't handle processing refunds older than 90 days.  That's weird by itself.  But then you'd expect them to have it set up to notify the customer that a paper check would be processed.  But no, you'll need to call and let them know they messed up and then they'll fumble around for an explanation, and tell you that you may get a check in 7-10 business days, or they might tell you that the system automatically initiates a paper check when the refunds fail to process....but that doesn't seem right either because it's already been longer than that.  Bottom line, not a bad way to finance major purchases with zero interest, but watch like a hawk if you need a refund!!

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