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May 19, 2017
Find an other, AAA uses a SCAM
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My auto premium keeps going up EVERY 6 mo. This spring was increased $ 43.00 based on a SCAM.

I brought it to they attention and they had no answer. They gave me a phone number to talk to someone about my issue knowing well that NO one will ever come to the phone, it is only an automated service for copies and they knew it.

I have been with AAA for many years and NEVER had an accident or a claim. I drive my 2003 Ford less then 1000 ml per year. I do not text, I don't even have a smart phone. My car is in the garage all the time.

I have three policies with them, I canceled one and they warned me that my premiums will go up again.

I guess all insurance comp. raise their premiums BUT $ 43.00 PLUS (more and more every time you get your renewal) is A LOT.

In 6 mo. when the new renewal comes it will be probably even more.

To say that I am disappointed is an understatement.

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