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where can I pre-qualify for credit cards ?
I want to pre-qualify for credit cards without taking a hit on my credit score.How do I know if each site does a soft pull without doing a hard pull ? Do you have any websites I can try besides capital one and orchard ? Thanks !

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Some links and info

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New response to an old question, but I got here by using Google for the same question. Since I couldn't find a simple answer I did some searching (as well as tried them) and here's what I found (Keep in mind these links may expire over time. If they do, just google the bank name or credit card company along with eitherr "pre qualify" or "card finder".). Also, if I applied for the card (actually applied, not just pre-qual) I will note specifics under each link. See my credit info at the bottom of this post to get an idea of more specific information. Be sure to read this post in full before applying since I also read all the disclaimers.

*I realize the person that asked the question clearly said "besides Capital one", but those who are reading this may want the link/

Capital One Secured card -

* I got this card with scores between 530-574. They pull scores from all three CRA's once you do the actual application, but this link is just to see what you qualify for.

Credit One (easiet to get non-secured card I found in weeks of looking).


* I applied for this card 2 days prior to my only other card (Capital One Secured) being on my credit report and was denied. I tried again after my report had my new card info and was pre-approved. I took a chance and applied. I got approved for $300 but read many people state they got their first (of many) credit line increases within 1 or 2 months. This is a "Sub Prime" card, so the annual fee is very high of $75-$99.

* They pulled Experian data at the time of my actual application. My Experian score at the time was 599.

Citi Bank -

* After doing the pre-qualify, look around to see if you qualified or not. I was denied but they still showed a card to apply for since they still want to rope you in. Don't trust this. Instead look around the top of the page (for me it was on the top). It said: *we couldn't match your records to a Pre-Qualified credit card offer but we think you'll like this card".

Discover -

* Like the Citi bank site exactly. Ad for a card followed my query with text on the top stating: "We were unable to find any pre-approved offers for you based on the information provided".

Chase -

* Same as above, but I didn't get an ad, afterwards. Just text saying they couldn't find a match, then a sentence stating "But we still may have a card for you here!. Don't you believe it.

BOA (Bank of America) -

* I have a checking account here so got a pop up telling me to log in to check my offers. I didn't log in however to get the above link, but I did once I tried their pre-qualify. Doubt that makes a difference, but want to be thorough here. Since I logged in, I didn't have to fill anything it out. In any case, I was denied and they too will show an ad to try now BS. The top said they couldn't find any current offers for me.

So that's about it that I see. I didn't go deeper than this because some sites weren't 100% crystal clear that they were legit. One wasn't even a secured site, and a couple others I never heard of.

Disclaimers!!! Always read them. Every card I listed here and probably every pre-qualify now and in the future will tell you somewhere in fine print that be approved during the pre-qualification stage doesn't in any way guarantee you will be approved during the actual application. I was pre approved for the two I have and was approved during the application process, but that was me and after reading hundreds of others over the last year will say I concider myself lucky.

My Credit information:

My scores: Experian = 599, Equifax = 643, Transunion = 633.

* My scores are based on myFico which I find the most accurate. I got my Experian score from a lender the other day and it matched my Experian myFico score exactly.

I have one new credit card on my credit reports with 2 months of OK status for two agencies, but Transunion only shows it as one month. Other than that I have no open credit on my report (The Credit One Visa is too new, just got approved for that).

I have 1 account (car loan) that is charged off on my credit. Last payment was 2008 and they will never get a dime from me. Balance of $2,100.00 and is scheduled to fall off my report in 2015.

I have 1 account in collections with a $0 balance. The amount of this was only $64 and upon seeing it for the first time, paid it off. I had no idea it was there and never was told about it. Apparently, it was a dental bill from little things my insurance to cover.

That's all folks. Hope this helps others.

One last note. The cards that I have above have a review section here on Credit Karma as do several others. I do regular updates on Capital One Secured and plan to do the same with any card I get. If more info is needed, I would say to check my other posts which I believe you can get from clicking my name. Best of luck all.

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how long did it take for you to get creditone card in the mail after approvel ??

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@ silvadanny

Hope you realize there is no way to reply to you (I need to reply to myself since there is no current way to reply to those who, reply).

Applied 19 Dec, got my card 10 Jan is the short story. Check my post on that card here:

I update all my posts once a month or until I have every possible unknown answered. I'm about 1 or 2 days from my next update but only because I'm waiting on an answer to something we all want info on.

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Im skeptical to apply for a discover or amex card just yet, my transunions 693 & equifax 648...and plenty of inquiries from auto dealership loan..then a few no bk's or no charge offs....settled a few collections and waiting this has me nervous and gun shy to apply, dont want anymore hard inquiries unless its gonna be approved and my credit is to benefit from not desperate for the avaliable money..just spend a lil to pay right off and increase my credit score..

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This will help

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Capitol 1 will match your credit with one of their cards.  You have to at least be 630 or more on credit score.

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Not true!!!   I got a capital one credit card with poor credit score of 578, yes it was a secured card for a while..

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I got a secured card in 2012 (don't remember my score but my credit at the time wasnt damaged, just new). I then, last year (2014) was unemployed for 6 months. Fell behind on ALL my bills including capital one. I became employed again and increased my score over 100 points over the course of the next year (starting was 422 argh!!). I believe when I was approved with a capital one platinum card my score was just 550 is that. I dont know if it was because I was a customer since 2012 or what but I got approved for 1000 dollar credit card limit. It is now 3500 dollar limit. 

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I was approved for a secured card at a 503 and a quicksilver card at 620

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some store cards will preapprove you

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i read yesterday on another forum there was a list here of all the store cards that do preapprove.  you go and register on the site, put something in your cart and go through the motions of pretending to buy it. you are preapproved based on your name brthday and address. i have bad credit. 7 negatives on my report (5 are my chlds ER bills) and was approved yesterday for victoria secrets and . you dont have to use them for it to show on your credit either.  some others on the list were abercrombie and fitch, pottery barn, dress barn, crate and barell..... i dont remember them all but i was approved for the first two i did and then no more after that. so xhoose wisely. lol.

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I don't think Cats wanted to know if an approval was guaranteed, just prequalification.  I too would like an answer to this.  Before Capone took over HSBC you could go to Household and Orchard and get preapprovals which were different.  I was preapproved at Orchard for a $39 annual fee card and a $0 annual fee rewards card with Household.  Being the same bank one might think it would be the same offer, but the different divisions offered different products.  If you were classified at Orchard in one manner, did not mean you would be classified at Household the same way.  Obviously, since it classified me at Orchard as a risk and at Household as less of a risk.  I got the same limit as I would have at Orchard, but I got rewards with no annual fee also.  Household did have cards with AF's also.  Same information, just different ways of classifying you.  It worked in my benefit and I will not close the Household account because it has no annual fees!

The link from scamps is pretty old and contains some inaccurate information.

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