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Should I use some sort of debt consolidation?
I am sorry for the long post! I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it and offer helpful advice. I believe my situation is rather unique. I am just curious if I should use some sort of debt consolidation or if i should just tough it out and keep overpaying as much as possible.

So I am married with a newborn daughter. I am making around 1600 from my primary job, I believe 300 from my new part time job, and receiving about 100 from uncle sam for disability. I believe that totals to 2000 a month. As far as bills (min pays for cards included) I am looking at regular expenses of about 1100 a month. However that does not calculate in the new expected payments for the pediatrician account or diapers and other new baby related expenses; however much those will end up being.

My debt is totaled at about 13500. Two increasing medical accounts at about 3500 are not my main concern. My main concern is all the money I am losing to interest charges and etc. on my credit accounts. Like I said I do over pay.

I have three cards. One is sitting at about 1700 with a 6.25% apr (usual min payment of around 50), one is around 3600 with an apr of 14.90% (usual min pay of 80 or so), and the last is at 2900 with an apr of 24.24% (usual min pay of 90). The last card however has a fancy plan option that allowed me to freeze the card after i got married and it will stay frozen halfway through next year. No interest, fees, charges, etc. I can however continue paying if i choose.

I do not want to cancel my cards if i can avoid it. I know that part of the score is based upon how long you have had accounts open and I would hate to start all that from scratch. My credit is not too bad (karma says it is at a 694) and my debt is manageable. It sucks but I put myself here and I can live with it for now.

I did get a letter from lending tree that looks ?promising? I went to their site and they said they can get me a loan of 9450, at apr 12.46%, interest rate of 9.99%, and monthly payment of 304.89 for 36 months. When putting in for this loan I low balled my credit score in the event they come back different so hopefully the rates would be a little better. I like this idea a little more than normal consolidation ( I think) because I dont see anything about canceling my accounts.

This loan would cover all three cards but Im not sure if the rates are worth it. Like I said one card is on hold for around ten months and the other has a rate of only 6%. The other option I was thinking of is keeping things the same now paying as best as I can until the freeze is about done and then looking at what I can get. By then I hope to have the other cards well paid off?!

I have tried to do the math myself but with so much new stuff happening in my budget I am having trouble getting a rigid budget that accounts for everything. I guess I am really just looking for advice and direction from someone smarter and or more experienced than I. Thank you very much for any help.

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Well, you could apply for a peer to peer loan service like or Lending Club, heck I might even be one of the investors that loans you some money.

You can set the amount of a loan that you do want, so you would not have to take any more then you wanted. You will not get a rate under your card with 6.25% APR, but do have a good chance of getting $5,500 with the other two. Maybe something around 14%? You would have to check with them, and the inquiry is a soft credit check - so no harm if you are curious.

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I guess i didnt even put detail...

Thanks for taking the time to respond...

I have my checking account and one credit card through a local credit union. 

And the child belongs to my wife and I both. sorry for that confusion.

I my parents have told me I should look into Dave Ramsey as well. However I have very little free time to attend any meetings and actually quite a bit of the information my parents have told me I learned in high school taking a NEFE course. what that stood for i cannot remember but a lot of what they tell me now feels like common sense. 

I am more interested in if I should consider debt consolidation. Like I said my debt is manageable and I have ok credit now but I am curious if it is worth it to consider that option or if there is someone else I should talk to.

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In my opinion those rates are still extreme. Have you looked into local banks and credit unions? 

Any income/child support from your child's father?

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