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Sep 26, 2016
Know what you're paying!
btrials Borrower

I currently have a $10,000 loan through Avant.  They were really the only company that considered with my low 600's score initially and knew from the beginning the high 29.97% interest but knowing I had some money coming in sooner or later I knew I can pay this off without paying the full interest.  I see too many complaints about the high interest fee.  You need to know how to calculate the daily interest rate (accured).  For example, if my loan is $10,000, after 30 days, I already racked up $246 in interest alone!  That means my $423 or so in payments, over half will go into interest.  Next month as the principal amount goes down, about $2 go down in interest.  Accrured Interest = (Daily Interest Rate) x (Days Since Last Payment with Interest) x (Current Outstanding Balance).  So this means you pay $177 only for the principal at 30 days leaving you a principal balance of $9,823.  Each day counts here!  But say instead of the $423, you double the payment for $846.  The interest is still $246 but you just paid $600 in principal balance leaving you $9,400.  While still high your interest will go down by $10 the next month.  Even better if you can pay that extra amount BEFORE the end of 30 days when your payment is due.

With that said, if you have means of paying extra each day, week or month, do so.  The more you can knock down on the principal balance the faster you'll be able to pay off this loan.  I would say if your FICO is low but can get approved just know how much it's going to cost you to take out this loan unless you have excellent credit (which you probably wouldn't be looking at Avant).  

I deducted one star for the lack of clear definition and how the interest is calculated as much as the customer service people were nice.  They need to provide examples (both visual and written) so people can see how this loan will benefit them (or not).  When someone (like most people) without a knowledge of how daily interest is calculated it gets confusing really fast.

I'll be paying this off with my bonus but initially did this to pay off my credit card debt (for high FICO) and also Avant's loan is listed as installment loan so it won't show up as one of those debt consolidation loan that "may" affect the way the FICO is calculated.  

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Sep 13, 2016
Avoid like the Bubonic plague.

Difficult approval. And when approved. I recieved $4,700.00. Dismal Customer Service. Switched Dates on Payments. And didn't help my credit score much. Do yourself a favor. Find another online lender with reasonable APR's and interest rates. Avant is for bottom feeders.







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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Apr 30, 2017
Got ripped

These guys are worthless *******s. Don't even consider these robbers. I think even less of credit karma for offering these crooks to me! Don't let this place rob you!!!

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Apr 28, 2017
No hassle loan. Very easy

Very easy loan process and great customer service 

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Apr 27, 2017
Decent experience.
Kristineth Borrower

They asked for additional information multiple times. However the decision was quick.

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Apr 25, 2017
Loan was fast,easy and very convenient
Anonymous Borrower

Great tool to use with credit karma,it help people like me to help and not ruined your credit score

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Apr 25, 2017
Rip Off
ecoll6032 Borrower

They charge outrageous interest rate fees. They tell you after a year you can refinance for lower interest rate. Which is a lie

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Apr 26, 2017

Thank you for leaving this feedback. We are sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with your experience. Please be advised that, just like your original loan request, your request for refinance is considered in accordance with our established credit policy. Rates are once again determined on an individual basis and are based on a number of factors including your credit score, repayment history, debt to income ratio, etc. If you would like a written explanation as to why we were unable to approve you, please contact us at Feedback@Avant.com and a list of denial reasons will be sent to the e-mail address on file.

Apr 25, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

High interest. No customer service.

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Apr 26, 2017

Thank you for considering Avant for your personal finance needs. We apologize that we were not a fit for your particular situation. Please be advised that rates are determined on an individual basis and are based on a number of factors including your credit score, repayment history, debt to income ratio, etc. At Avant, we help tens of thousands of customers to improve their credit score through our flexible personal loans. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Feedback@Avant.com.

Apr 25, 2017
The loan is amazing and on time with response
bellebell1 Borrower

I will tell everyone about my experience with Avant the most a! amazing​ lender I have ever dealt with. Hassel free and very responsive to me.

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Apr 25, 2017
Simple and easy.
Anonymous Borrower

Easy to apply , with prompt response

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