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    Quickest Way To get money TOMORROW!
    Helpful to 130 out of 143 people

    I was denied a loan from my bank because I had a few credit dings about a year ago (screw comcast). I had no other choice but to check out Avant after hearing about them from local media sources. The application took about 10 minutes and was pretty straight forward. I make decent money but my bank denied me, but I was in need for short term money to pay for housing repairs due to a leak. My apr was right around 35%, but if you plan accordingly and payoff the balance quick it's not a bad price to pay. Definitely worth checking out, plus, unlike payday loans they report to the 3 major credit bureaus. If you make timely payments, it'll help improve your credit score as well!

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    Most Helpful Critical Review

    Deceptive loan terms
    Helpful to 98 out of 111 people

    I applied for a $4,500 loan, which I was approved for. Durning the final review phone call, the customer service agent said I was actually not approved for the terms I chose (which I had already printed out and digitally signed) but for different terms with a longer repayment schedule. 

    Of course they don't want you to pay your loan off sooner- that's less interest they'll collect. Granted I could pay it off as soon as I desired, but most consumers see the minimum payment and think that's all they have to worry about. After sleeping on it for a night, I called them and asked to close my loan. To their credit, customer service was helpful, and I wasn't charged any fees. 

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    Reviews (2287)

    Excellent decision

    I am very grateful to Avant for this personal loan. The application was easy, I was almost instantly approved, and the payments fit my budget. I didn't think anyone would lend me any money, but I am able to financially breathe a bit easier. 

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    Hoggirl030514's review was:    

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    Easy and Quick Funding
    Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

    Loan application was simple and had approval within minutes.  The funds were in my account the very next day!  

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    HappyAvantCustomer's review was:    

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    Great low loan payments and %.

    Great Company to deal with for a loan.

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    Great service, no hassle loans

    Fine to do business with if your in need of this type of loan.

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    Avant provides $, the rest is up to you.

    The application and funding process was quick and easy. Yet, I would have liked to see some better interest rates being offered, but was happy they were less than what i was currently paying. Within three days, everything from research to funding was completed. For someone in a rush to consolidate his or her immediate debt, I was pleased with this. I got the amount I needed for the term I wanted with no escalation.

    Today, I logged on to search for my statement. The website needs more information, as I found nothing but my payment schedule and a couple “make a payment” buttons that just scheduled a payment for the due date with no details (also gave option to change amount). There was a contact phone number though, which I called to find out more about my automatic payment options. I use an automated payment system from my own financial institution and didn’t want to pay twice. I quickly learned that everyone is automatically enrolled in automatic payments, and cannot cancel until after you've received funding: he didn’t ask for any of my own personal data, customer numbers or even my name. It was apparent that I seemed a chore to the representative. Being in the financial industry and customer service myself, this is displeasing. Although I didn't wait long on hold and my question was answered quickly, he was rushed to end the call, difficult to hear, and unfriendly. Hopefully this isn't the face of customer service with Avant going forward!

    Overall I am pleased with the company and their processes, but see much more room for growth in online and customer service advancements as they expand. Basis of the matter: start by educating yourself, researching your options, weighing your alternatives, and being fully aware of what you are committing to. It wasn't that long ago that I was the consumer reading the reports about Avant online.

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    They are easy to work with.

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    Great! Easy and Quick

    I was approved and funded within 24 hours. The monthly payments are reasonable and automatically come out of my checking so I don't have to worry about being late on payments and they are flexible if, for some reason, you can't pay on your due date.

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    Thank you Avant :)
    Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

    Quick and easy application process! Thank you, Megan! Applied online, received a phone call from Megan shortly after. Quick verification of employment and bank account. Application was approved and email was sent 24 hours later. Funds were in my account 24 hours after that! Was approved for $19,500.00 with a credit score of 670. The interest rates are high, but there are no penalties for early prepayment. I am currently in the process of mending my credit, so high interest rates are not news to me. Now that I've paid off all of my outstanding debt including car payment and car insurance, I am virtually bill free which will allow me to pay more than the monthly minimum amount due. Really such a life saver, after years of high interest rates, high monthly payments and yearly credit card fees I can be rid of those payments and focus on one standard amount each month! Highly recommend thus far!

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    Very fast and easy.

    Fast, easy. Clear. Easy to pay off early.

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    Fast and easy as pie!

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    Company Overview

    Avant is a consumer lender offering a fast, simple, and secure borrowing experience to consumers with less than perfect credit.

    Borrowers can apply online for a personal loan ranging from $1,000 to $35,000. AvantCredit customers can take advantage of competitive APRs with no hidden fees or charges, and a completely easy and friendly experience.

    Founded in 2012, AvantCredit is headquartered in Chicago, IL. AvantCredit offers 24/7 customer support now servicing 46 states with more to come soon

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