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Apr 06, 2014
Quickest Way To get money TOMORROW!
Anonymous Loan Holder

I was denied a loan from my bank because I had a few credit dings about a year ago (screw comcast). I had no other choice but to check out Avant after hearing about them from local media sources. The application took about 10 minutes and was pretty straight forward. I make decent money but my bank denied me, but I was in need for short term money to pay for housing repairs due to a leak. My apr was right around 35%, but if you plan accordingly and payoff the balance quick it's not a bad price to pay. Definitely worth checking out, plus, unlike payday loans they report to the 3 major credit bureaus. If you make timely payments, it'll help improve your credit score as well!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 20, 2014
No Thanks!

[QUOTE/] RIDICULOUS INTEREST AND FEES PLEASE READHelpful to 23 out of 23 people I had recently received a 2000.00 line of credit form Avant Credit at a whopping 24.99 % but I was down on my luck and agreed to the terms. They had told me at the time that they would automatically deduct 122.00 a month for the next 24 months. So i would pay 2928.00 for a 2000.00 line of credit. I desperately wanted to pay this credit off quick to avoid such high fees. I called and spoke to a representative and asked if there were any penalties to pay off early and they told me no. I received this line of credit  toward the end of December and my first payment was due the 17th of January. A week prior to my due date I called in a 500.00 payment. A couple of days later I logged on to check out my statement And I had 376.00 in available credit and had a balance of 1634.00. Today on february 4Th I logged on again and had a balance 1792.00 and available credit of 208.00. the statement showed an interest charge of 37.00 and a monthly service fee of 118.00. I immediately called about this monthly service fee and they told me that the State of Maryland required them to charge a monthly service fee of 118.00. and so my 122.00 monthly minimum payment had went up to 277.00 for 24 months which means i would pay 6648.00 for 2000.00. (WOW). I inquired on how much it would cost me to pay off my whole line of credit? First they said 1634.00 then they said 1792.00 because of the monthly service charge. I told them that this was a very big mistake and that I would I like to pay the line of credit off. They put me on hold and transferred me to a girl who said I owed the 1792.00 plus the 118.00 monthly service fee for february and the 37.00 interest.  total pay off 1947.00. Ive has this line of credit  a little over five weeks and I already paid 500.00 plus I paid the 1947.00 to close this account total 2447.00 they also told me my next statement  may have additional interest for the 4 days in February. (possibly a march 118.00 service fee) I can't believe CREDIT KARMA recommended this predatory lender to me .. HOW CAN THIS BE LEGAL.

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Jul 23, 2016

Easy no hassle way to get a loan.  Had a previous loan and they notified me when I was eligible for a lower interest rate!  Love this company

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Jul 22, 2016
Unbelievable that this is legal.
joshmarkovich Loan Holder

Crooks.  Outrageous interest, they talk you into getting it like car salesmen.  Utterly disgusting.  I feel dooped and can't do anything about it now.  Paying $180 a month and the first payment to principal was $38!!!!!  It's a complete scam, how they're not shut down is befuddling.  DON'T EVER GET A LOAN FROM THIS COMPANY!  

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Jul 22, 2016

So now it's a scam......

Jul 22, 2016
There for me in my time of need.
Fenhawk Loan Holder

I had previoulsy had a loan with Avant which was paid on time until the last payment.  Becuase of an oversight on my part I thought it was paid off and it wasn't.  There wasn't anythng anyone could really do about it and it obviously hurt my standing when I needed them again.  When I recently applied I noticed they had changed their format and were asking the questions that legit loan companies should ask in my opinion.  Mainly, how much money to you make and how much do you pay out!  I had a couple of issues with the app but was guided throug it and just received my approval.  Some may say the itnerest is to high but for someone in my shoes who has been through divorce, financial struggles, and then a catostophic health cisis, this has saved my life.  Work with these people and they will work with you and TRUST ME, you do not want to be dealing with a payday loan "specialist" and theri 600% interst.  Thank you Avant!  You have a life long customer in me.

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Jul 22, 2016
Awful, sloppy process
ltt005 Loan Holder

I needed a refinance on my loan, and the application process was terrible. First of all, the bank verification tool would not work for a refinance, so I had to constantly make calls back and forth with different people to verify my income, and eventually even had to do a 3 way call with my bank taking time out of my work day (over an hour long hold trying to reach the teller as well). Then, once it was approved, I received an email saying I'd receive the funds within 3 days of the 20th. On the 22nd, I received another email saying I'd receive the funds within 3 days of the 25th. Not only that, the support email address would take up to 72 hours to respond. Terrible process, will never recommend or go through them again.

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Jul 21, 2016
Served Its Purpose
Rezdon Loan Holder

I see a bunch of mixed reviews, but decided I'll start posting my experiences with my creditors.  I was approved for a loan with an extremely high interest rate, borrowing $3200.  I've had the loan since May 2015.  I'm sure the angst most share is the extremely high rate.  My rate was above 25%. Yep, above 25%.  I'm 3 years past a discharged bankruptcy and an un-paid tax lien at the time.  My TU was about 630 I think and I was approved for a Capital one card a week prior.

My thinking was take whatever credit you can get.  Keep in mind 2 years prior, I couldn't even get a secured card.  I say all of this to say that creditors like Avant serve a purpose for consumers who are less likely to get loans or credit anywhere else.  Simply use it as a rebuilding tool vs a need for money.  I paid the loan off early July 2016, so they've made a hefty return on me, but you know what, it'll look great on my credit report.  I was approved for a sizeable loan through Lending Club.  My agenda is building credit.  My tax lien has since been paid off (workign to have it withdrawn).  I'll ride out the LC loan for about 2 years and then pay it off as well.

Always remember you can pay these loans off early, no matter the interest rate.  I think you feel the pinch of the loan when you use all the borrowed funds towards other expenses.  Good luck.  Avant's no so bad as long as you know the rate will likely be very hight.  The person who qualifies for prime rates will go to his/her credit union or Wells, BOA, Citi, etc.  They're not coming to Avant because this isn't their level of credit.

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Jul 20, 2016
margaritag1 Loan Holder

You have to be dumb like me to get a loan at this interest rate...Not worth it..I paid my $5000,00 loan off 21/2 years early just to get out of the ridiculous rate....Don,t do it.......................................

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Jul 20, 2016
Anonymous Loan Holder

It can help you out in  just a few days Try it if you neenhelp

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Avant is an online lending platform offering a fast, simple, and secure borrowing experience to consumers with less than perfect credit.

Borrowers can apply online for a personal loan ranging from $1,000 to $35,000*. Avant customers can take advantage of competitive APRs with no hidden fees or charges on unsecured loans, and a completely easy and friendly experience.

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