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Most Helpful Positive Review

Aug 08, 2019
Consolidation Operation
XcomPanther Borrower

I was reluctant to apply as I am on the road to credit score recovery, but it stated that it wouldn't ding my credit to apply. I said what the heck and went for it. Initially I received an email after applying that read like it wasn't approved, but then I received email that stated the approval was granted (I could have read it wrong or assumed it was a rejection). Anyway, I am set to use half of the loan to pay of 4 debts and the other half for a substantial home improvement this month. It was just in time and the funds were deposited within 2 days. Thank you AVANT!!!!!!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Oct 07, 2019
Stagejunki Borrower

I sent 100 extra dollars when I closed the account they literally told me that I wasnt entitled to the extra 100 back even though it wasnt part of their interest. The rates are as high as a junkie on meth . And when I tried to refinance they only offered me a 1% interest drop from 29 to 28. Do not use this loan to build credit there are better options.

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May 29, 2020
Very Fast Approval Process

I applied in the evening and the next day I got a follow up call to verify some information.  The day after that I got my loan directly deposited into my bank account.  Yes, the APR is high, but there is a reason why I had to apply for this loan in the first place, including the people complaining about the APR in the reviews.  All in all I got a loan with less than favorable credit, allowing me to rebuild my credit.

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May 12, 2020
Last min
sheriesmith Borrower

I was in a last min kind of situation and this was the perfect setup.

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Apr 17, 2020
Credit Card
tgibson44 Borrower

Quick and easy approval$$$
Credit score about 620 1k approval
I've had it almost a year waiting on an increase in credit
Definitely has improved my credit score and
Its my favorite Card !!! (Capital One is good also khols is good if you're credits not so good)

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Feb 25, 2020
Happy to get approved

Happy but I didn't get the 0 annual charge. It's $39 a year which is less than others but I was approved same day and card arrived in 5 days so that's great!

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Feb 16, 2020
So far so good...
Poodle93622 Borrower

So when I first got this card I had a major problem I was so upset. They took the whole statement balance as my first payment and I had maxed it out during christmas, So their went my whole paycheck haha. I havent had that problem since though thankfully. My limit was raised and its been doing great. Ive since downloaded the app and all has been well. Might have just been a fluke with the internet I suppose. The stuffle was real. 

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Feb 16, 2020

Sorry this was a review for the card not the loan but the company is great so far haha

Jan 22, 2020
TinaGolson Borrower

BTW, Who is the 75% that rated this so well? Definitely false reviews. 

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Jan 22, 2020
Wish I could give zero stars.
TinaGolson Borrower

This company is so terrible because they are not transparent at all with the consumer about how much you actually owe them. They take advantage of people going through a hard time. Literally the devil. I just submitted my final payment and I am so glad to be almost finally done with them. I am just praying they don't try to pull anything crazy at the end of this. 

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Jul 30, 2020

You could of refinanced after a while

Jan 18, 2020
Easy, fast processing
MrGC314 Borrower

Streamlined process. They asked for paperwork and I sent it. Easy Peasy!

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Apr 09, 2020

What kind of paper work do they need?

Dec 03, 2019
Thank God no problems
VLynnH Borrower

I obtained a loan to pay down/off debt. Application was easy and quick. Accepted and funds in my account very fast. The automatic payment is great. I have read some of the negative reviews and I can say I am so glad those problems have not happened to me. Thank You.

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Nov 06, 2019
Beware of their payment practices
JRM0314 Borrower

I recently got a Mastercard from Avant. A few days after I made my payment I noticed that it was not reflected on my card balance. The payment had already cleared from my bank account. I called Avant to find out why my payment was not showing in my balance. They stated that it takes 1-10 business days to be reflected in your balance. That is ridiculous. If they receive payment, there is no reason to take that long to post the payment to your account. It ended up being almost the 10 business days by the time it showed in my balance. I since made a second payment with the same results. The only reason I am not closing this card is because it will hurt my credit, but this card will be paid off and just sit there. That is such a horrible practice!!

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