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Jan 16, 2014
Quick, Easy, Love Lightstream!
Anonymous Loan Holder

I wanted a quick used car loan at a great rate! Lightstream provided that. The application process was easy! I got a call immediately. Answered a few questions. Had the funds in my account the next day! It was fantastic. :) 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 28, 2014
Denied with 775 FICO

My wife was denied with a 775 FICO, 8k in checking, 3k in savings, 45k income (verified) for a 10k loan. In addition, phone rep was less than customer service oriented. Went to local bank and received loan without question. Don't waste your time with these folks...there are too many other places to do business with.

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Nov 24, 2015
Denied auto loan
Anonymous Loan Holder

My wife and I applied for a auto loan, got rejected with over 725+ credit scores and 120K+ in proved income. It was only a 10K loan. Unbelievable.

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Nov 18, 2015
Very diassppointed with suntrust

Don't waist your time if you have good credit.

I have a long relatioship with Suntrust business and personal banking. I applied for  loan just for that reason only. However, with excellent credit ( with an unsecured credit line of atleast $40,000 ) I got turned down for an auto loan, I was more perplexed, than I was disapppointed. This would be the first time not getting a secured loan. Don't waist your time applying if you have good credit.

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Nov 11, 2015
Anonymous Loan Holder

My wife and I applied for a $42,000 loan to expedite the purchase of a piece of property for a new homesite.  Wife and I have both FICO scores between 805 and 820, household income of $130K, $50K in savings, $50K in 401K/IRAs. Submitted all information and got a call from a customer service rep about 1 hour later.  Customer service rep asked about the property (acreage, county it was in, nearby property values), and verified the numbers that we had submitted. The call lasted no longer than 10 minutes and we were approved. I didn't even have to submit a paystub or balance verification from the bank.  We qualified for their lowest tier of interest and had the money the next day.  If you have the assets and credit score, they are GREAT!

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Nov 11, 2015
Effortless and rates are amazing!

I applied, got a call within the hour and sent income verification. My loan was approved with 2 hours and the rate for a 60 month 34K Auto loan was much lower than all the other offers I received. I have a 780 credit score, make 120K/year and no credit card debt. (I do have 11K in student loans) Incredibly easy and great rates. Terms are as good as anyone in the business and I would highly recommend LightStream/SunTrust Bank. 

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Nov 08, 2015
please do not use light stream loans

lightstream is a bad bank to do business with rates are unfair terms are just crazy worse bank i have ever used

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Nov 04, 2015
Describe this loan in one sentence.
Anonymous Loan Holder

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Oct 28, 2015
Easy and Quick

This is the easiest and fastest loan I have ever received.  I applied for a $60,000 unsecured perosnal loan and had funding in my account in 30 hours.  But a warning, they only approve loans for the absolute TOP tier of borrowers.  You can have a great credit score, little debt and still be turned down.  So, if you are in the right bracket, go for Lightstream.

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Oct 17, 2015
Declined with 750 score for Auto

I don't have any major dept make over 120k and declined for 25k loan.

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Oct 14, 2015
Don't waste your time!!! Apply for SoFi!

I applied for a loan with this company over a month ago. I make $78,000.00 a year, a guaranteed $24,000.00 commission written in my contract and have a 782 experian credit score. I have a small car payment and an investment property that generates $43,200.00 a year with only a $2,000.00 a month mortgage thus bringing my total income around $125,000.00 a year. I received an email saying I did not qualify and they would post why online... I Received my first call three days later asking what amount I wished to loan and I replied 5-10-20 thousand whatever I qualify for... And was still denied for these reasons: my credit & income ... Seriously?! How is this possible. I sent my concerns via email more than three times only receiving automated responses until I mentioned how rudely they conduct their business and would be taking my concerns further. I then received a call today stating to me that my income, yes of well over $100,000.00 a year does not suit their acceptance for even a $5,000.00 loan?!?! How is this possible?!?! I was also told that the person I was speaking with was a credit manager and told me that credit score does not matter much with their loans... If so then why is that one of the reasons they gave for my inability to receive the loan?!?! I asked multiple questions regarding why and how they qualify applicants and he simply mumbled around the responses inevitably stating he was unable to give me any type of loan!!! I was very cordial and explained how I wished they would Not have hit my credit due to the fact I take my credit quite seriously! To which he had no care and said have a nice day and hung up!

In summation, I applied for a loan with SoFi. Social financing and was immediately approved for a $50,000.00 loan and have received the check already in my bank account!!!!! They are wonderful and respective every step of the way! And give much better rates!!! Do yourself a favor and Apply with SoFi and stay away from the deceitful Lightstream!!!

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Oct 09, 2015
Amazing auto loan

Applied on a Thursday, got the approval the same day. Decided to sign the loan the next day since I found the car I wanted. Signed at 9:00am received $11,000 directly to my account at 11:30am. Easiest experience ever. Had to turn in my husband and my paystub (one each) that was it. I have a 763 score husband has 790. Own a home but not out right and got approved! Never talked to a soul.

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Company Overview

LightStream is an online consumer lending division of SunTrust Bank, a Georgia banking corporation. LightStream offers a virtually paperless application, approval, signature, funding and servicing process allowing you to save not only on our natural resources but on expenses as well.

Borrowers can apply online and list loan requests ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. They offer fixed rate, simple interest installment loans all with no fees or prepayment penalties. You can set up an account online making monthly payments easy for borrowers to manage.

Founded in 1985, SunTrust is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. SunTrust has 1,659 bank branches throughout the Southern states.

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