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  • Most Helpful Positive Review

    Quick, Easy, Love Lightstream!
    Helpful to 14 out of 16 people

    I wanted a quick used car loan at a great rate! Lightstream provided that. The application process was easy! I got a call immediately. Answered a few questions. Had the funds in my account the next day! It was fantastic. :) 

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    Most Helpful Critical Review

    Major issues with loan payoff
    Helpful to 22 out of 25 people

    I worked with my credit union to consolodate my automotive loans. My credit union sent Lighstream a check to the confirmed proper address with my double confirmed proper account number, but Lightstream continues to insist that I have not had my loan paid off and that they don't know where the money went? WTF?? My credit untion even sent them paperwork providing proof that the check was cleared and was properly documented.

    My credit union will never work with Lightstream again.

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    Reviews (101)

    Great way to get a loan.
    Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

    In Feb 2014, I got a $22,900 used car loan from Lightstream at a 2.29% interest rate.  I recall it was very easy to get the loan.  I filled out the application online.  The next day, a woman called me to clarify what's on my credit report because some of my dad's credit history showed up on it too (my dad and I have the same name so the credit-reporting companies think we're the same person), and she had me email her a .pdf of both mine and my wife's most recent pay stubs.  The morning after that, the money for the loan was in my bank account, and that evening I went  to a dealership to buy my Ford Flex with it. I've been making $500/month payments on it since then, and have had no issues. To me, this has been an excellent loan-getting experience.  I wish it were this easy to get a loan to buy a house with, particularly at that low of an interest rate.  Since Lightstream doesn't offer mortgages, I've wondered if there's mortgage companies out that give low interest unsecured loans to customers that meet certain qualifications, similar to what they looked at for my eligibility for this car loan.

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    Suntrust/LightStream had questions so they emailed.  Their questions made no sense (why did I have a line of credit in 2009).  But, answered them.  Clearly the person asking had no idea what he was asking and less of an idea as to his answers.   The Underwriter really did not communicate his or her questions clearly to the processor.  Bad info in creates bad info out regardless if it's a big Mac or a car loan. 

    Otherwise, great concept, great rates and innovative.  Just in need to better align the process a bit.

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    ResMortUnderwriter's review was:    

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    Great A+++ Would use again

    I needed a $15k loan for a used car without any tricks.   They approved my at 2.35% and I have had my loan since 2013, super easy process, nice email notifications, fast process, cash in bank within 48 hours, best thing they aren't on my lien.

    Would absolutely use them again in a heartbeat, thinking about using them for Solar house financing

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    The application and response was great!

    I wanted one payment for three high interest credit cards I had used for home repairs. The application was easy and one phone call later, I was approved for 10,000 at 5.99% interest for 36 months. I am very pleased. 

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    Great Experience With A Motorcycle Loan
    Helpful to 1 out of 2 people

    I applied for a motorcycle loan with LightStream a couple months ago. I have good credit, but not great. I applied at 8 AM, provided proof of income in the PM, and had the money in my account 24 hrs later. The whole application process was simple and quick. The rate I received was much lower than I had anticipated. I was so pleased with them that I have told my other motorcycle friends about LightStream. Highly recommended.

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    world53's reply was:    

    I can't believe it was that easy.
    Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

    I have to give Lightstream a LOT of credit.

    My wife and I started our application at around 6:30 on a Friday night.  We were approved by 7pm.  I couldn't believe it -- the company asked for additional documents and we were able to provide them right away.  Today is Tuesday (before 8AM) and the loan is funded with the money already deposited into my bank account.  That's less than two business days.

    I did talk to a rep on the phone Monday; someone had called to clarify something on the credit report so we called back.  The call was very quick and the gentleman I talked to was friendly and helpful.  I didn't even have to wait on hold for someone to pick up.  

    Other companies get A+ ratings but seriously Lightstream is one of the few companies that really deserve it.

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    Easiest loan process EVER!

    I needed to get a small(ish) amount of money for a used car loan. After reading the reviews, I wanted to try Lightstream, even though I wasn't sure I would get approved. But lo and behold, I was approved about an hour and a half after applying. I was NOT required to submit any documentation whatsoever. I elected to receive the funds they next day, and they were there by the time Lightstream promised they would be. Best of all, I got a completely unsecured car loan with an APR of 1.99%.

    Here are my stats:

    -I requested a used car loan for a dealer purchase in the amount of $12,500.
    -They pulled Equifax; my score was 726.

    -I have owned a home for three and a half years with about $40k in equity (which I could back up with documentation from my refi last year, not that they required it).

    -I've had the same job for just under three years. Annual income is in the mid 60s.

    -I've got a few thousand in my 401(k), but nothing significant. 

    -Savings are neglible right now, just a couple hundred in the bank currently (which I'm planning on beefing up as soon as I can).

    -Total debt on my credit cards is around $2600; my utilization is 11-13% depending on the bureau.

    So...yeah. I'm by no means a perfect borrower, but I think the home equity was what helped me. I guess my advice would be to try for this loan if you have good to excellent credit with some kind of liquid funds at your disposal. I was skeptical, but seriously, the approval process and everything happened so quickly. I basically applied for this loan on Monday and had my nicely researched 2013 used car purchased by Thursday night! 

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    Best Car Loan rate I could get
    Helpful to 3 out of 4 people

    I'm one of those millenials overwhelmed with student loan debt (all government loans). I went to a car dealership to get a loan for a used vehicle and was getting interest rates as high at 7.5% for $10K (Wells Fargo being the absolute worst with 8.3% and I've been banking with them for years). Credit score is >800 and I have 3 credit cards with a total of $34K credit line, utilization about 5-7% - I was able to get an unsecured loan with Light Stream at 2.39% with direct debit from my checking acount every month (and an addition 0.05% off interest rate), no hassle, didn't have to go into the branch, signed loan online and go the car a few hours later. Super easy experience, they asked for more information than any other bank and apparently did a much more thorough analysis to see that I was very obviously credit worthy. Student loans are overwhelming but they shouldn't define my credit worthiness since my loans are with the US Dept of Education. Thanks to this loan Lightstream I was able to get a rate that made the most sense for me and didn't judge me based on my student debt history.

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    LightStream was great until they werent
    Helpful to 2 out of 4 people

    I'm very disappointed in Lightstream.  I am a solid customer of theirs.  I had 3 loans totallying 60k as of two weeks ago.  I had just been approved 2 weeks ago for an additional 30k which brought me to the 60k in loans.  I refinanced one of those loans to reduce the term of loan as LightStream does not allow you to refinance a loan with them.  Upon paying off the loan I applied with Lightstream again to pay the loan I just obtained to refinance thier loan.  At this time my debt with LS was 30k.  They denied me for no good reason.  My financial position was exactly the same as it was two weeks ago.  It makes no sense.  I am very disappointed and will not apply or take out any additional loans with Lightstream.  I will refinance as soon as possible.   They certainly do not know how to treat their top notch customers in my opinion.

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    Auto Refinance
    Helpful to 2 out of 4 people

    Excellent process from start to finish.  I was skeptical at first but gave it a try.  I saved 3.5% off the rate at the dealership.  NO FEES!  NO PAPERWORK!  Approved in 30minutes from hitting the send button for $14k and UNSECURED loan so I didn't even have to mess with the vehicle title.  Credit score of 815. Thanks Light Stream.  I will go here first from now on.

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    Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

    Hi what rate did you get? my score is 780 so I may try to push it over 800 before I apply with them but I'd like to have an idea of a real world rate with them? Thanks.

    pilot81's reply was:    

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