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Most Helpful Positive Review

Dec 20, 2015
Fast approval and low interest rate
Anonymous Borrower

My husband and I applied for an unsecured $18,000 personal loan on Friday night to help finance IVF treatment. On Saturday afternoon, Lighstream asked us some additional questions over the phone and then then sent an email requesting a paystub for each of us, as well as a recent statement to verify our liquid assets. We were approved about an hour after uploading those documents, and the funds will be transferred to our bank account on Tuesday. Lightstream offered us the lowest interest rate they advertised for medical/adoption loans: 5.99%. Our repayment period is 24 months. 

We were shocked at how quick and easy the application process was. Here are some details on our financial situation to help others who are considering applying:

My credit score: 788

Husband's credit score: 760

Combined annual income: $91,000

Liquid assets (checking and savings): $15,000

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 04, 2016
Loan Now Appearing as SunTrust Elec D??
BSF2faithful Borrower

Very confused as my old LightStream Loan is appearing as SunTrust Elec D on my Credit Report and LightStream claims that the loan company's name has not changed.  Also my Credit Karma and Equifax are showing an additional $14,000 balance which has caused my credit score to drop.  Was loving this loan company, but now am feeling compromised in someway.  

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Oct 20, 2016
A+ Experience - Approved $20K at 1.99%
kjscrib6 Borrower

The mixed reviews had me on edge prior to applying.... but my experience was seamless and insanely quick and easy. I applied for $20,000 Auto Loan on a Tuesday at 6pm. I was approved within half hour and had the funds wired into my account by the next day at 3pm. I wrote a personal check for my vehicle and was on my way! 

My FICO score came back at 809 and I was approved at the advertised 1.99% un-secured. 

Highly recommend Light Stream! 

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Oct 14, 2016
Truly the best loan site for good credit
gengar126 Borrower

I was truly shocked at how easy LightStream's loan process was. I was immediately approved for an unsecured auto loan at the rock-bottom rate of 1.99% (the low of the offered range), and was very impressed by the flexibility for receipt of funds, autopay and pre-payment. Although I was prepared to pay cash for the car, the attractive rate and fact that the loan was unsecured made it a no-brainer to use LightStream and invest the difference. The funds were in my checking account on the promised day, and the the terms were transparent and favorable. My wife and I applied jointly, and we both have ~800 scores and high incomes.

LightStream's target demographic is the mass-affluent crowd with near-800 credit scores, so if you meet this criteria, the ease of application and rates are second-to-none. If not (like some indignant reviewers), you're not the target demographic, and will likely be disappointed. That said, I can't recommend LightStream highly enough.

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Oct 11, 2016
Seemless Approval.

Needed a quick loan for home improvment. Within a day of applying for the loan, I was approved with 4% loan. The funding was in my account the next day. If you have your finacial "house in order", this complany is great. Absolutley seemless process. 

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Oct 10, 2016
Completely unhelpful and awful.
Anonymous Borrower

Applied for a loan, they reviewed my application and accepted. I qualified for their best rate but for less than I asked. When I inquired into the reasoning--they completely gave me the runaround. Finally someone told me to reapply without worry. I reapplied and they doubled my rate for the same cash value.

I hate Lightstream for ruining my day, giving me the runaround, and for lacking any sort of transparency.

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Sep 26, 2016
Easy and FAST!
Anonymous Borrower

Applied at 9am and by noon I had been approved. Took about 1 minute over the phone to describe what I wanted the loan for (remodeling home) and that was that. Funds will be in my account tomorrow. 

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Sep 22, 2016
The quickest, easiest, loan ever
Anonymous Borrower

My husband and I both have credit scores in the 800's. We are purchasing a used vehicle and the best rate we could get is 2.7 on a secured loan through our credit union (which isn't bad, but we wanted better). And, we are working on a tight timeline to make an out-of-state vehicle purchase, so dealing with the C.U. would have been a challenge. We decided to give LightStream a try. Less than 24 hours later, $20K+ is sitting in our bank account, and we were approved for a loan without a lien. Easiest process ever.

I believe most all of the negative reviews are from people who weren't approved. Keep in mind that LightStream is stringent on who they accept, and they cater to a niche group with high credit scores, liquid assets, excellent credit history, etc., so as to minimize their risk and keep rates competetive.

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Sep 20, 2016
Home Construction Loan

This is the easiest and fastiest way to get a loan for home remodel. I applied and uploaded bank statements and had my money deposited within the week. Great customer service with very fast response times. 4.25% fixed rate for 36 months. Credit score=800+

It seems all the negative reviews are from people who were denied. The fact is that this program is designed for those with excellent credit histories. This company offers the most competitive rates around and they are limiting their risk by only approving folks with excellent credit histories, solid income as well as diversified credit histories.

Honestly, I have nothing negative to say about this company. Very happy with the ease of use and product being offered.

I will be using them again, when we purchase a car next year or at our next remodel.

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Sep 18, 2016
Easy, best rates
mpszydlo Borrower

Wanted to buy a used car but wanted new-car-like rates. I shopped around (I have a 785-810 FICO, depending on how much spending I do per month), and the best rate I could find outside of Lighstream was 2.99%. Given that I have excellent credit and that I was already shopping around for rates (multiple hits within a 30 day period aren't counted separately), I figured I'd apply to an ad I found for Lightstream. After given them some basic information about my intended purchase, I found out I was qualified for the exact amount I agreed upon with the dealer and, after awaiting the funds to be deposited into my account, walked into the dealership and wrote a check for the exact amount for the car I wanted at the agreed-upon price. Very, very easy process and definitely worth checking out.

For the record, my 1.99% rate for my ~$19,500 used car required me to sign up for auto-pay. But I was obviously okay with that - FYI for everyone else (even though Lightstream is pretty clear about this)

4/5 stars for customer service because I actually never spoke to anyone from Lightstream. While it seems intuitive that 3/5 seems average, I didn't wish to detract so much from their rankings because I wish I didn't have to submit a rating. I can't give 5/5 stars for something I never had to deal with, but I don't want to give 3/5 stars because I don't want to dissuade folks from applying to Lightstream based on that review (which, in itself, is unfair).

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Sep 18, 2016
Simple starting and paying off
Anonymous Borrower

I used this to avoid using my money tha was yielding decent returns elsewhere.  The application was simple.  The approval came within an hour or so.  Transaction done.  Modifying automatic payments was easy online.  As an existing suntrust customer, this even appeared in my online banking.  I decided to pay it off early when my returns declined and even that process was simple.  The ability to quickly obtain funds in an unsecured, simple manner, can't be beat.

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Sep 16, 2016
Please don't hesistate to apply to this
Anonymous Borrower

I liked their process because after I totalled my car I still had the lienholder on my credit. They were nice enough to email me in order to ask me about it, unlike Chase autoloans, and gave me a quick approval. I have a credit score in the range of 760+. The process was incredibly simple, and it seemed like the previous reviews made me a lot more leary of the process than I had to be. I would give them 5/5 especially because they gave me a great loan rate.

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