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Most Helpful Positive Review

Dec 18, 2013
Great Process!
gtrudell Borrower

Applied for an auto refi. Had a few folowup questions. My loan was approved in hours. Cash should be in my bank account tomorrow. Like the fact that it became an unsecured loan and I will get my title soon with no lien. I will DEFINITELY consider them for loans in the future. Everyone I spoke with was pleasant, understood their job, and added to the overall process. Rate was way better than the dealership offered.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 28, 2014
Denied with 775 FICO

My wife was denied with a 775 FICO, 8k in checking, 3k in savings, 45k income (verified) for a 10k loan. In addition, phone rep was less than customer service oriented. Went to local bank and received loan without question. Don't waste your time with these folks...there are too many other places to do business with.

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Aug 23, 2016
Do not wasted your time.

You have to wait 24 hrs just to read their denied letter.

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Aug 23, 2016

I have a credit score of 780.  No missed payments ever.   Received a flyer in the mail and decided to consolidate as the rates seemed very good.   DENIED.    Now they have all of my information and I'm scared it was a scam.    

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Aug 22, 2016
Great Experience
Anonymous Borrower

My wife and I applied for a $12,000 auto loan and were approved for an unsecured auto loan (we hold the title). Our FICO scores are 800+ which helps but LightSteam/SunTrust was easy to work with. Will recommend and use again!

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Aug 21, 2016

Tried 3 times. Have a 730 credit score never a late payment or bad mark on my credit I make 70k a year and they denied me for a $10,000, $7500, $5000.

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Aug 19, 2016

Got denied within 30 minutes of applying, currently waiting on an explination.  My credit score is in the 700's, I have never had a late payment and I have enough money in the bank to cover the loan I applied for.  Don't waste your time! 

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Aug 16, 2016
Best Loan Ever
Anonymous Borrower

I was looking up interest loans for a used car and this site for Lightstream popped up, 1.74% for qualified people.  I was a little leary of the online application and didn't know whether this was a ploy.  In any event I figured i'd try it since the local car dealership was trying to jip me at a 4% rate.  I reserached a little bit and they are an online division of SunTrust bank, which by research looks to be very reputable.

7am Sunday I applied for the loan.  8:30am they had questions for me and wanted me to call and verify them.  I Called them and a brief 2 minute discussion took place.  9:30am they requested me to upload my paystub.  2:30 I was approved with a 1.74% on a 30K loan.  The next day in the morning I approved the loan terms and conditions and by 3:30pm that day I had the cash in my account.  Another interesting thing was that they gave me the loan unsecured.  Therefore, I will be purchasing the car cash and leaving with the title.  

Great process, almost seems to be too good to be true (and I talked to others who couldn't believe it, especially for an unsecured loan), but it isn't.  1.74% interest rate, no fees, no penalties for early payoff.

I will say though,I have great credit and consider myself a very responsible person when it comes to finances and limited debt.  Seems like others may not have had luck, but if you consider yourself to be a reputable borrower i'd try it.  It saved me alot of money.

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Aug 16, 2016
Easiest Process, by Far!
Cycastro Borrower

For a while I had been considering consolidating my debt between personal loans and CC but was a little hesitant due to some of the bad reviews I've read on here.  One Saturday morning (8/13 to be exact) I found the urge to go for it.  I completed the application online and at the time my FICO score was in the low 700's with 86K annual salary, on-time payment history, higher debt to credit ratio (auto, personal + school loans and credit cards) and 20% credit card utilization.  I requested 30K and they counter offered 27,500 with 11% APR.  Needless to say I accepted the following day and funds were in my account by Tuesday.  I will be saving at minimum $500/mo just from consolidating my debt.  I've borrowed loans from Aspire, Lending Club and SoFi and LightStream was the easiest by far!  Totally would recommend them. 

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Aug 15, 2016

I went to Suntrust to refinance my auto loan now that I had my first big girl job...was given no other option for refinancing other than LightStream. Thought it was weird that now it was done online and not in person (especially as I wasted paper and time printing out paystubs, my letter of appointment...) but did what Suntrust told me to. Anyway, I get to the application process. First I file jointly w/ my husband - denied, even though we have great credit. Apply again individually - asked for documentation. Didn't have a pay stub so submitted my letter of appointment which detailed my pay rates and bi-weekly salary. Denied. Confused, I sent an email asking why this was not accepted (mind you, after searching for quite a while to find ANY contact info - had to Google "LightStream Contact" to find anything). They didn't say anything other than "if it asks for pay stubs, you need to send a pay stub". They told me to keep reapplying (I applied maybe 3-4 times) so that I could resubmit correct docs (which I don't have as I've just started this job, but thought at least I could get the ball rolling w/ LightStream). Denied. Denied. Denied. I contacted them again, asking how could I reapply and submit the correct documentation if I keep getting denied? All throughout customer service was very short with me...last email I get says, "We apologize, however LightStream is unable to extend an offer to your loan request at this time." BULL****! No other options, help, nothing. No wonder they offer a $100 "reward" for putting up with this bs. I guess now I'm going to a different bank to maybe, actually, get something so simple done in person. Considering leaving Suntrust after MULTIPLE instances of fraudulent charges (which they handled, but ****, how many times does an account need to be comprised before Suntrust sees an issue?) and then THIS crap.

730 credit score. No late payments, no deliquencies, never been denied for anything before and never had this much trouble getting a simple loan ($5k).

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Aug 15, 2016
Auto Refin

Applied for an auto-Refin for a minimal amount of money. My current lender I have constently paid double the amount of money a month to pay off. After a lengthy process, I was declined? I was told you had to have a perfect credit sheet. Does not matter at all income or a top credit score. A waste of time, even though their own bank SunTrust assisted my company to go through them. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH LIGHTSTREAM.

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