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My daughter got a credit card in my 7 year old grandsons name and let it go delinquent. ???
She is still filling our credit card apps in his name!!! What can I as Grandmother do?

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There probably isn't much that you can do. People will only change if they want to change. Thankfully your grandson will be able to dispute any accounts on his record from when he was a minor once he becomes an adult, which is a long way off. Your daughter is committing felonies while doing this. You could report her activities to the police, but that would most likely result in hardship between you as well as her going to prison and owing a lot of money for fines. If you would do this you would be taking away your grandsons mother as she will most likely be put in jail. What a terrible situation though, I am not sure what I would do if I was in your shoes.

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concerened parent

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report her, it is fraud!!!!!!!

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Some relatives start this innocently because their own credit is marred, and they think they'll have their own credit cleared up well before the child is of age.  Unfortunately it causes a nightmare for the minor when they come of age if items are delinquent.  I looked up stories online after reading your question, and some children have never been able to resolve it. 

This is a hard decision as TryingToUnderstand replied above.  You know your daughter, so do you think she will have it cleared up or cause a nightmare for your grandson later in life? She could face jail for this fraud. Do you want to be responsible for your grandson and raise him? 

You could write to Experian, Transunion, and Equifax outlining the situation. You would need to provide your grandson's name, address, and social security number, along with any additional details you can provide.  You could state in your letter you believe a relative may have obtained credit under his name and request his credit be frozen.

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however I dam sure k oq what I would do if anyone of my children used my grandchildren to get credit cards...I sure would call in the report in front of my daughter or SON. I didn't raise my kids to do such things so no shame in turning them in

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what kind of adults are we when the children we have raised commits fraud against their own children?
How could a mother or father ruin their child's credit?
shame on those who commit these acts for their selfish reasons of gainful finances through a child

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You can report her to the credit card company and they will cahrge her with fraud and take step's to collect and put a

hold on he sons name. She can also go to jail / prison for up to 25 yrs for doing what she's doing.  It's women like that,

that have kids, shouldn't and needs to be fixed!!!   To ruin your childs credit like this is unforgivable, selfish and irresponsible!!

She's only going to learn from her life of crime if you or someone reports her... it's to hard to repair you're credit and it takes years

so by the time this child wants to establish credit he won't be able too or it'll be very hard and he could end up paying for what

his dumb *** mother did to him!!!  REPORT HER GRANDMA.... or your no bette than she is because you know!!!  JUST DO IT!!

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