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I was denied a credit card and received a letter saying that I am deceased
I have been trying to build my credit for a while now, but been rejected even for easiest to get credit cards. I always got letters in the mail saying that they cannot match my information with my social security number. I went to the social security office to try to figure out why this is happening but they said that everything in their system is fine.
I tried once again, this time for a Capital One credit card and I was denied, a few days later I received a letter in the mail stating that the reason I was denied credit was because I was reported as deceased!
I went back the next day to the social security office and they assured me that everything is fine and that I am completely clear, they even gave me a letter to prove this. Please help me! I am so desperate about this situation and no one seems to be able to help me. I do not know how to resolve this problem.

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As the previous poster said, sounds like somebody found your SS number, and blocked YOU as deceased but they are using it.

Report your problem to any and all banking business you do, no matter how trivial it sounds now. Having it on file and never needing it is better than not having it on file and finding out it is too late.

I personally am named after my Uncle, First, Middle & Last name and he is deceased, so I run into these problems at times. My only way out is I add II, (2), after my name.

Even SS offices make mistakes, you can search SSN's online to see who had your number before you and clear it up that way. I can't post how to do that here because uncouth people may use it, but you can figure it out. I found the site by doing 'Family Geneology Research' on my family. Social Security post ALL SSN's of the deceased.

Second, go to your local Court House, probably 'Clerk of Courts', have them file and record you as being alive. Get a copy, (probably cost a dollar or two), send a copy of that form to the creditor, (do it through snail mail), until you get it fixed. Once one or two CC companies have you on file, you should be okay.

Otherwise, go to a ton of Buy-here-Pay-here places, load up on stuff then send them a copy of you being deceased - hee hee, not really!

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Get your credit reports.

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Go to and get your credit reports.  Go over them carefully and file disputes on items you know are not right.  You may have to send copies of that Social Security letter as proof.  There are obviously some errors on your reports that are causing the problems and checking your credit reports every year helps to keep things straight. Put that matter on your annual "ToDo"list.

Also, keep your social security card in a lock box at home since you seldom need it during your life.  That number is a gold mine to a thief.

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how can i request a copy of my credit report when I cant aanswer the security questions? They think I am deceased when it was actually my mother that ppassed away. I am now facing some of debt on my report

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