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how to raise my pnc card credit limit
i had th ecard for about a year maybe longer. i would have had the account for abou 4 years now but some one with pnc mis understood me closed my old account out forcing me to reapply for a new pnc rewards account. my credit limit is at $600. i use the whole limit up or close to it every month its hard not to. i dont know how to get my limit raised i never been late paying. i had 3 cards with them now for a year i had th epnc bank secured card then the got off that and went with triple points card that was closed out they refused to re open even though they did not have my authorization to close it in first place. so now im on my 3rd card. had a card with them since i was 18 or 19 im now 23. never missed a payment on any card with them.

i just recently got a best buy reward zone card. credit limit was $500 after about 3-6 months of having the card i got a new laptop and my credit went from 500-$1500. but yet my pnc card i had for a year + i cant figure out how to get raised.

i know a friend who is on food stamps and has a 5k limit on his card it gets me mad knowing i pay my bills on time and get increase my pnc card limit. i dont want to raise it to spend more i want to raise it so it does not look liek im spending my whoel limit just if my limit was $2000 i would still spend on average 5-600 a month. i cant figure out why its so hard getting my limit raised with pnc. if they woudl get rid of or never even had one of the things beign length of credit fo reach card i would dithc my pnc card and go else were. only reason im keeping it is because i need a long term card i was told if i close it out and switch to a new card i will always remain at short history for a card. so im staying with pnc hoping i can find a way to increase my limit. ohh yea i also got a raise. put that on my request for increase in limit. talked to another friend of mind who only makes about 20k a year and his credit limit is $3000 talked to soem oen else who makes 50k a year and has a 5k limit, and just ran into an old family friend who only collects ssi and has a 25k limit. so im like wtf i never miss a payment i make over 40k a year and i still cant go above 600 with pnc? i asked the lady so want it seems yo uwould liek me to do so i get a increase is quit my job go on food stamps collect ss get on welfare and then ill have a increased limit adn she said no thats bad so i ask then why does low income and i kmow for a fact because i have a few friends that collect checks and are on food stamps and have a higher credit limit with me. she replys back well i dont know maybe they have had credit longer then you you dont need to have a good paying job to have a credit card. sorry if i got off topic but it gets me so mad knowing i pay my bills every month and cant get 1 simple increase.

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