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How can I raise my credit in 6mo. and what do I do about my old closed credit cards?
I need to buy a new car within the next few months but my credit isn't so great.
I would like to be qualified for a brand new car that is within 10k-25k.
I just checked my credit scores--they are as followed:
Equifax: 587
Experian: 582
TransUnion: 604

I have a pretty careless credit history but for the past year or so I've been trying to change that and I have gone up in my score some but it needs a lot more TLC.
I currently have 2 active credit cards in which I always pay on time but they need to be paid off (in which I will do very soon).
I then have:
1 voluntarily reposessed vehicle from some odd years ago
2 closed credit cards that I haven't paid anything towards for at least 9 months to a year (I'm not really sure when I paid last)
1 big ol' student loan that I've been deferring since 2013 (currently my monthly payment is based on my income and is at $0/month because when I set the deferment I didnt have a job but now I do)

I was working with a credit repair company but after about a year I feel like I was spending too much money on that when I could try to do it myself.

They said not to contact or speak to any of the people that are trying to collect from me (the repo'd car and 2 closed credit cards) because it will make them active again. I'm not really sure if I have to ever pay those or not? I'm also not sure how long it has been since I've paid or been in contact with any of them. I would really like to know how long it has been---especially with the repo'd car---because I was told that after 7 years that these things would just fall off of my credit and I would never have to pay them, ever. But that seems a bit too good to be true.

I'm just trying to get some truth light shed onto all of this haveness and see how I can build my credit up as quickly as I can. So basically I'd like to know the following:

1.) Is it true that I dont have to pay anything to the things I owe to after 7 years of non payment and no contact?
2.) How would I find out about when I spoke to a collector last and when I made a payment to that collector last....without having to contact them?
3.) How do I build up my credit as quickly as possible? (besides the obvious of paying on time and keeping my debts low)

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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1) Depends on the State you live in and the type of debt you have. 

2) You would need to look at your records that YOU SHOULD BE KEEPING! ( thinking there is a lack of recording keeping )

3) There is No Fast Way to building your Credit Score up.   based on the information you listed abvove it will take years to clean up your mess. 

Now, few notes. 

Google Dave Ramsy and the 7 baby steps and Start Reading. 

Get yourself on monthy Budget

YOU DO NOT NEED A New Car ,   you can't afford one based on the information you supplied above. Save up as much as you can get get a new 2-5k car with CASH. and Repeat the process in another year using this car as a trade in. 

Good Luck.

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Why is my score different on CreditKarma

Credit karma is saying that my scores are as follows:

TransUnion: 629

Equifax: 632

----now I'm not sure where would be the most accurate place to see my true scores...because this is quite a different # than what I got from Trusted ID.

Also where is my Experian score on Credit Karma? 

Lastly, I see on Credit Karma the dates of when the last payment I made was so #2 on the last questions can be disregarded.

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My fico dot com has the most accurate credit scores, plus they will cost you. Also CK scores are at be an educated guess to give you an idea of what you are up against.  Give these guys a call to help you out with your credit.  1 877  235  0324  Credit Pros, they will help out.

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Do not Call these folks,   you can do this on your own.

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