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Has anyone figured out how to link an store card (SYNCB/AMAZON) to Credit Karma?
I recently got an store card. The financing is through Synchrony Bank, so it shows up on my credit report as SYNCB/AMAZON.
Right now when I search for Amazon under "Add a Connection" on the linking page the only thing that appears is a Chase credit card.
Has anyone had any luck linking their Amazon store card?

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I don't see now that  "Synchrony Bank prevents third-party sites such as Credit Karma".   I am using mint and I was able to add amazon store card.  It has been two years.  No excuses

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Hi addison912,

Sorry for the late reply. Synchrony Bank prevents third-party sites such as Credit Karma from accessing your site. For this reason, you will not be able to link the card to Credit Karma. If you would like the option to do so, we suggest informing Synchrony Bank. 

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At the risk of repeating information (but not everyone reads every thread! :) ), while Synchrony Bank may still as of Feburary 2017 not allow third-party sites like CK to link its cards to your CK account, it does report to the credit bureaus. My Amazon Store card appears on my latest reports from Transunion and Equifax, so I expect all you need to do is be patient and wait a couple of months after you open your account.

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Not sure your info is correct

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First of all I have an Amazon CC as well - which is a VISA issued by Chase Bank

Synchrony Bank also had issued me a different CC, known as Care Credit - which is a Medical related only type card

According to "CreditKarmaKayleigh" that bank does not allow connecting the account.

I have to disagree with her because my SB/ CareCredit CC DOES connect and gets me updates daily.

The issue your running into is that your looking for an Amazon account to link / connect to. It is NOT an Amazon account...its a SB account, with a special arrangment with - this would be like looking for Seattle Seahawks account, because your CC issued by Chase has your NFL team logo on it. 

You need to look for the account ISSUER to connect to on CK!

One issue that sites like CK have is when your asked for extra verification steps for security and so on.

I have one account that wants me to agree to some goofy terms of service, and it forces me to look at it when i log in, but then I deny the agreement, and it takes me back to the login page and lets me login. A site like CK will not be able to get around something like that with its automated systems

My bank has another 2 step verification process, and it sends a security code to my cell phone, which I then enter on my account on CK. CK tries to log in, it gets kicked back by my bank who asks for that code. Once I enter that code on CK, it lets CK into my account and gets the data. The trouble is that CK does not apparently tell the connection to save that code, and remember the device/ connection/ that means everytime I want CK to show the most current info from my bank, I need to REVERIFY the 2 step code. My laptop and my cell phone do NOT ask me for a new code everytime, so this is something I hope CK gets sorted out in the future and adds the ability to store/ remeber an authorized device for the users accounts.

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Why was my credit score lower and where would I find complete listing of my account?Why can I not f ind a credit report from experian credit bureaui? Some of my account s are showing balances when I have paid them out?

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