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GECRB/SMRTCN credit card HELP!!
I logged in to my account today, and it says that I have a GECRB/SMRTCN card opened up last month, but I never did. I was wondering what do I do in order to figure out how this has happened, and what can I do to cancel that card that I never even opened!?
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Possible Fraud due to Identity Theft

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If you have a hard inqury from GECRB/storename (examples: GECRB/Menswr, GECRB/SMRTCN) and you did not apply for the credit card, there is a possibility that someone has stolen your identity to open a credit card account with the store. This is my experience.

Call the store credit card services for help. For example, for GECRB/Menswr, it's the Menswear House store credit card services. Inform them you have a hard inquiry in your credit card monitoring service, but you didn't apply for a credit card, and you're suspicious of identity theft. They will ask you to provide your social security number, and they will tell you instantly if a credit card was opened in using your information. Let them know it was fraudulent, and they need to close the account immediately.

Then request the credit card services to send a statement to the Credit Card Bureaus to remove the hard inquiry record.

You just need to call one of the 3 Credit Card Bureaus (try TransUnion) to put a Credit Freeze for 90 days - this service is free - and the other 3 bureaus will be informed in 24 hours. By putting the freeze, before any bank issues a credit card, the bank will have to call you to verify before issuing the card.

If you file a police report for Identity Theft, and send the report to the Credit Card Bureaus, they will put a credit freeze for 7 years (free service).

In order to find the telephone number to the GECRB store credit card services, call GECRB at 1-800-400-3761, and ask for the store credit card services telephone number. Let them know you're calling to alert the credit card services of fraud, and they'll be very glad to assist.

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GECRB/SMRTCN is from Paypal and is offered to anyone who used Paypal in the past. I was also sent the email and I've used Paypal a lot in the past. You don't have to accept the offer. Just send them an email and tell them you do not want the offer.

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Heyy its me again. I figured it out, apparently it is the Paypal Smart Connect Aco**** which is handled by GE capital retail bank. Look at the excerpt below from an email that Paypal/GE capital Retail bank sent me recently.

""This email was sent by GE Capital Retail Bank's PayPal Credit Services Division, the issuer of the PayPal Smart Connectaccount. GE Capital Retail Bank is located at 170 Election Road, Suite 125, Draper, UT 84020-6425, USA.""

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The same thing showed up on my credit report and I did not sign up for it, but I do remember PayPal sending me an e-mail that I ignored (since I haven't used their service in years)  


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hard inquiry by the above...

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Mine showed up when I applied for Care Credit to help when my cat broke its leg and needed surgery.  

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I believe this was Care Credit for me as well for Dental work.

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same for me care credit

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PayPal Card?

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I just applied for credit through GECRB for a PayPal credirt card and . . GECRB/SMRTCN is how it apperared on my credit report. Hope this helps. 

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This just showed up on mine as well, knockme down 6 pts.  It's a hard inquiry with no balance one in 2012 and 1 in 2013.  I have never applied for a credit card or anything with any airlines, heck I didn't even know an airlines had one.  I'm trying so hard to clean things up fter losing my job and to find these 2 things showing up all within the last 6 weeks (when I last checked it), so frustrating.  Not sure if it's identity theft or not, I hope not it sounds like a nightmare that is hard to wake up from.

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I can't even get a fricken Credit card

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So how the hell can someone else open one up in my name? If I can't legitimately open up an account for credit, I don't see how anyone else could.  My credit is so messed up thanks to my child's mother...anyways, I got this on my **** too and it's bad enuf without having anyone just put stuff on there freely. 

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