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FICO score doesn't make sense?? should I open a new card??
My FICO Score is ~790-830, credit score 822. On my FICO score it lists two things negativity impacting my score...
(1) Lack of recent installment loan information
I had a student loan 2-3 years ago and I paid it off two years ago. Not sure why it states this?
(2) Proportion of balances to credit limits on bank/national revolving or other revolving accounts is too high
This doesn't make sense either. I have 8 credit cards, but really only use one (gives me 2% cash back), the credit limit is $14k, I usually run up $2-4K a month and pay it all off. Why is $2-4K out of a $14K "high"? This doesn't even weigh in about another $30K in available credit on other cards which I don't even use.

I really want to open a AX card (they are giving $250 offer if you spend $1k AND 3% cash back on groceries and gas). Will doing so hurt my credit score?
I have about 8 other cards. Honestly opened most when I was a freshman in college and they gave a free pizza for opening a card LOL...obviously $250 is better than a free pizza...
just FYI I am in my mid 20s. Haven't opened a card in about 3 years. It use to state lack of credit history as one thing impacting my credit score but just this year I got rid of that.

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What credit score is 822?  Which FICO model is 790-830?  Keep in mind that you don't have just one FICO score.  There are many FICO models used by creditors.  Typically for a given scoring model you have a score with each of the 3 major CRA's.

As for the negative impacts to your score -- at the scoring range you mention these factors are what are keeping you from getting to an 850 with FICO 8.  If an installment such as a student loan was paid off then it is no longer benefitting your mix of credit.  Utilization is "too high" to maximize your credit score. 2K/24K is 14%.  4K/14K is 29%.  Lower utilization is generally better as long as you don't have all your revolvers reporting 0 balances.

All that said, it's not really worth worrying over these messages.  740-760 is the range at which you will typically qualify for best terms with FICO 8.  Anything above that is just gravy.

As for whether or not a new card will hurt your score, you'll incur a hard pull and you'll reduce your AAoA.  If your FICO 8's are in the range you mention then you have plenty of headroom even if you open a new card account.  Make sure you run the numbers for your spend to ensure that the card you're considering maximizes rewards for your spend.  The 3% on the Blue Cash Everday is rarely a best fit except for those with very low levels of grocery spend.  Do the math and make sure the the Blue Cash Preferred isn't better suited to your spend.  Run the numbers and factor in its AF.

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