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Does it make sense to get as many $0 annual fee cards as possible?
Apparently around 21 credit lines are needed to be in good standing for that category. I usually pay off my full balance on my interest carrying cards and use my 0% intro APR cards to keep a low balance.

There are so many good bonuses when you sign up with specific cards (mostly airline cards), but after a year they start charging high annual fees.

Does it make sense to keep as many $0 fee cards in order to "hedge" against cancelling the bonus cards after 50 weeks or after 102 weeks? This would make the impact smaller when it comes to the average time of open credit lines and presumably doesn't make the score drop as much.

I was just wondering if this strategy would work or at least makes sense.

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It all depends on what your goals are.

As for the 21 credit lines, lets break them down a bit, Lets say someone might have the following over 10 years,
2 - Student Loan

3 - Car Loans ( Joint with spouce )

1 - Personal Loan

1 - Mortage Loan

1 - Equity Loan

6 - Department store cards ( for the deals you can get )

4 - Visa/Mastcard CC's ( rewards and Cash back deals )

What other lines of Credit could they have? Have 18 here so far and just trying to put something together that lookgs like someone would have.

Been talking with a co-worker about want we call the Credit Game. If you don't have Credit you are screwed, when you get Credit they like to screw it to you. We need a board game so kids can learn early about credit and how to correctly use it and have it work for them instead of it working agaist them. This is in away a game we have to play by the rules, Make ontime payments, get credit, loans, etc, use the credit to get the CLI's or risk have the CL's lowered. We the players get together here to talk about what works or doesn't work so we can adjust how we are playing and so other folks can jump in and play.

The thing is it is a REAL Game we play with Credit. There are some folks that are Great at it, some that are average and other that just plain suck at it. The ones that are great at it no every in and out of what to do etc. The ones that are average seem to get by, they learn new ways to play or a new twist that does something different. The ones that suck at it most don't even know what is going on until it's too late. A lot of us have been in that position.

back to your question on the 0 Fee cards, how many do you need, as many as you can handle, some folks can only handle x number of bills at a time. It comes down to what you can manage with out going in debt.


Credit History takes time so does your Credit Score.

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Thanks for the elaborate answer! Currently I am only having credit cards as credit lines (and that won't change any time soon). That's exactly why I am worried that when I cancel my 3 of my ~10 cards that the effect on my score will be desaterous. However, it doesn't make any sense for me to keep those three and pay $100/annually just to keep the line open. 

So an additional $0 card has no adverse effect on me or my score? 

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