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Does anyone know if one can have 2 Capital One cards? (1 unsecured and 1 secured)
So I've had an unsecured Capital One card (500cl) for the last 2 years or so, and i've got a great payment history on it. My credit still isn't good enough for any other unsecured cards, and I can't get the Orchard Bank (because I have another HSBC card already under 18 months old).

I've heard good things about Capital One's secured card for re-building my credit, and wondering if I can get one...

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I have had a secured card from them for about a year and I applied for a second secured card tonight and I was approved for a partially secured card. I pay 99 dollars and I get a limit of 200 dollars. Then I called customer service to make sure this is not a joke and they said I can have as many cards as my credit criteria will let you have. 

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I have a secured cc w/cap one and an unsecured w/cap one. So yes it is possible

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Yes, you can have 2 Cap-1 credit cards.  As of last year, they have made 2 the new limit on the number of cards you can have with them.  If you would like to apply for one of their other products, you must close one account (with no remaining balance), wait 30-days, then apply for the new card.  As with all credit apps, there's no guarantee you will be approved. 

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 not too sure if being a secured card, makes any difference, but, I have 2 cap one cards... first one I've had about 12 months, $1750 CL and second one I've had about 6 months, $500 CL.. I pay in full both cards every month, and always pay before the due date... never paid a cent in interest, and every 6 months like clock work, the lines get increased.. Also, I never asked for these cards,

CapOne sen me an offer and I responded, sic months later, they sent me another offer, and I responded to that one, as well.. scores are 695/723/750.

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Yes you can get 2 cap one unsecured cards. I started with a Platinum card with 500 cl. It was recently raised to 1500. At that time I applied for QS One and was approved at $500. Both limits should increase in May '16. My credit score is quite low (under 600) but cap one gave me the chance to rebuild. Advice, don't max out and pay on time or early. Good luck

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If you have low balances on your current cards then go for the Cap One.  Good Luck

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One new card wlns they give me another?

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I just opened a capitol one with quicksilver with a score of over 614 will they let me open another line of credit? For example a capitol one platinum ?

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So far this year, I opened a secure, with a $200 limit, and unsecured credit card, with a $500 limit, within a month of each other and Capital One approved both.  I was also able to get a co-signed credit card, with a $1000 limit and 1% rewards, with a credit union around the time I got the secured card.

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