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Court Judgement Credit Card 1,000% increase
My husband had a Capital One Visa credit card for $250 limit. He let it go for months as he was ill (diabetic, lost toes-surgeries-almost lost foot due to infection & lost job due to this) too sick to care about anything, and not working- no income. for over 2 years we lived completely on my income only and 1 of the years I was on unemployment/disability due to my medical issues & surgeries. Eventually he got court papers and called the credit card company offering the original $250 which they refused. They told him they wanted $2500 firm for interest & late fees over the 2 yr period. He went to court and told the judge he offered the original $250. The judge reamed him a new ... & said too bad, never listened to anything he said -told him to shut up & stated he didn't care if he wasn't working & had numerous medical issues-this case was over- he wasn't wasting his time on this-my husband was paying the $2500 now plus court costs & fees- adding an additional $499. The judgement ordered for a $250 card was $2999-with court costs & interests -ridiculous-yes-this is over a 1,000% increase! We could not afford the $125 for an appeal to try to lower this which a higher court most likely would have done since he didn't work for over the 2 years and couldn't collect unemployment since he was sick. It is now a tax lien on our house and public judgement. Because I also own the house this also affects me which I believe to be unfair when I paid the house in full on my income alone while he was not working. When we have tried to get loans together this always shows up and affects our ability-we cannot get a loan. We have paid off our house, 2 full car loans and a personal loan all on time and cannot get a loan anywhere due to this lien and several medical bills that were to be paid by insurance. We did not even know the medical bills were on our credit & now 4 years later- it is too late to appeal them with the insurance companies. Is there anything we can do to get this judgement off our credit or lowered short of waiting 7 years (It has been 4 years) or paying it. We realize they can obtain it if the house is ever sold but we don't plan on ever selling the house since we have put over $25,000 more into it over the years and wouldn't get any of it back due to the housing market here. What will happen to this lien when he dies or both of us die? What if we put one of our children on the house title now before either of us dies? I feel since my husband offered something (didn't outright refuse to pay) and it is also affecting me (not my fault) that it is unfair. Please don't suggest I obtain a loan in my name only as then he will not be responsible to pay anything if there would happen to be a separation or divorce, etc which can always happen these days.

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