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Amazon store card was unintentionally used for amazon prime, payment was missed and credit ruined
I am beyond words right now. I was going to buy a car with credit for the first time so i went to check my credit when i see it's dropped from 803 to 659 in 2 months! All because of 1 missed 20 dollar payment to syncrony bank! I signed up for amazon prime's video service trial in december so i could watch the grand tour. When I signed up I remember it asking how i wanted to pay and I chose my mastercard. So out of the blue two weeks ago I get an email saying I owe 10 dollars on my amazon store card, thing is i hadn't used it since 2015 because i hate it and just never cancelled it because i thought it was good to leave it open for credit reasons. So I'm thinking someone has stolen my card info and used it and I try to log in to figure out what's going on but it won't let me. The username is case sensitive or something so it's not my usual. I try to recover it but i have to have the card number for that and i lost that piece of cardboard they sent my years ago. So i figure I'll have to call but I've been very busy with school. Then a few days later I get a notification that the payment deadline was missed and I now owe them 20 dollars. Again I'm wondering for what!? I haven't used this card in years! So i call them and they immediately ask me how i want to pay. I explain the situation and tell them I want to know what's going on. They say that I owe 20 dollars for amazon prime video services and that it's late and I figure that somehow the amazon store card must have gotten chosen for the payment. It didn't make sense to me how it got chosen since that's something i would NEVER do intentionally and because i distinctly remember choosing my mastercard, but i paid them the 20 dollars and then cancelled my amazon prime service out of frustration. So this entire time i've been operating under the assumption that the recurring payment was coming out of my debit card when it has in fact not been paid at all!! This in turn made me more than 30 days late on the payment which got reported to the credit gods and now, because of 1 frigging payment I find out last night that my credit has dropped by over 150 points!!!!! When I haven't missed a payment in years!!! I was counting on my great credit to buy a cheap car I wanted... Now I don't know what to do. If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

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