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Advice and suggestions on paying credit card bills?
It seems like the more I research this, the more I get confused.

Should you pay your balance on or before the DUE date or on or before the STATEMENT date?

I recently got one of these best buy visas for a low credit limit, and, since I'm a stickler on bills anyway, I pay them off as soon as I see the balance. I can log in online and do it, so that's the way I go.

I've viewed my statement on there for this billing cycle I'm currently in and it reports all of my purchases throughout the month so it shows that I've spent under $150, but that's not my balance, my balance is $0 and my due date isn't until the 18th of this month, statement date is 24th.

I'm worried that it won't show my credit utilization even though my statement tells Wyatt I've spent, but I always keep my balance at $0 and... I'm not sure when I should pay it so that my usage rates get reported to the credit bureaus.

Should I go buy $5 worth of something and leave it in there until the 18th? But at the same time, I'm not trying to incur a late fee for paying AFTER the due date, nor do I want any interest heaped onto my balance. I'm just... SO CONFUSED. I logged into credit karma and it says my report went up 17 points or whatever but it said my credit utilization was 0%... So did it even recognize all the purchases I made and paid off?

I'm trying to build credit and I don't want this to hurt me in the long run.

Any tips or advice? Thanks in advance!

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From what I know. Pay down previous month balance or current month purchases to $0 before due dates. Once you paid, it will show $0 due. You can go and make a $5 purchase once it shows $0 due. Then there will be no interest charge since you have already paid down the prior month statement. Once the statement for the new month report, it shows the balance as $5. Then you can just repeat the cycle. This way it shows you use 1% of your limit. Try to stay under 5% if possible.


Month 1. Statement is $0. You spend $150. Due date is the 18th. Statement date is the 24th. 

If you leave the $150 after the due date, you will be charge interests on top of that $150. Then when the statement on the 24th comes out, the balance will be $150+interests.

Month 2. Statement is $160(with interests).  You charge another $100, so total is $260. If you pay off the 160 before the due date, then whatever is due that month should be $0 as you have paid of the prior month balance. If you don't pay the $100 for the current month, that will be report for next month.

Best practice is to pay off prior month before due date, a day after due date, put $5 purchase on it and let it report on the statement. This way your score will increase because the bureau sees you're using your money and not going crazy on using your entire limit. They also don't care how much you spend throughout the month because they can't see that, only the issuer of the card can.

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Thanks for your reply! So when the $5 appear on my balance, do I wait til AFTER the statement date to pay it? I don't wanna get a late penalty on my first month of using it.

I called them and asked and she said to pay by the due date and that when it gets reported, it reports my current balance... So if I have no balance, they'll think I'm not using it right? Can't they shut down my card if it continues to show 0%?

I guess basically what I wands know is how do I get my credit utilization to show? Should I leave a small balance after my due date and statement date and pay it off when the new cycle starts? I hoping I'm making sense cause I feel a little more tangled now lol

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