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a credit card on my accout belongs to my ex husband not me
My ex husband has a credit card which never had my name on it even when we were married, how do I get it off my credit report

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From personal experience, I'd suggest that you might do the following:

Contact the credit card company IMMEDIATELY!  (If you haven't yet)

Depending on if your divorce was amicable or not, maybe you should inquire when the account was opened.  Possibly your husband will tell you?  Possibly the credit card  company might tell you-but-here's the kicker: since your name probably isn't on the account at all, they don't have to tell you anything, in most cases anyway.

You might want to ask the credit card company if they'd accept a copy of your divorce agreement-and-see if they could/would have your name removed.

Also, contact all THREE of the credit reporting agencies and notify them immediately of the situation. 

In the divorce agreement, was this card listed as a debt?

I believe that in most states; if your spouse opens a credit card account while you're still married, it's usually considered to be maritial debt and the credit card company CAN come after both parties.  (Like-wise if you had applied for an account).   

You've done a very wise thing by posing the question on Credit Karma.  Hopefully you'll receive more responses from folks who are much more versed with the issue than I.  

All the best to you.  I hope your enjoy being "solo" and you get this all straightened out. 

God's Blessings,


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I'm in the same situation

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I pulled my credit report six months ago when I was applying for a mortgage. I was shocked to see a Discover card still open and maxed out that my ex-husband applied for almost 20 years ago (I haven't seen him in almost 13 years). I didn't even realize I was on the account, but when I called Discover, they said my ex was the primary card holder, since he used both of our information to open the account, then I was legally responsible for it. I asked a friend who is an attorney, and he said the same thing, the only way out of it is close the account and pay it off. 

I was able to close the account, even though it has a $6,000 balance that my ex racked up over the last 13 years, so he can't put anything new on it. I am able to view details of the account here on Credit Karma to make sure he's paying the bills on time, and so far I've been lucky because he pays the minimum each month.  But I'm very nervous about it - if he decides to quit paying, then my credit is adversely impacted.

My marriage did not end on good terms and I thought I would never have to contact my ex again. I do not want to have any interaction, so I believe my only solution is to hire an attorney and see if there is anything I can do legally (which I'm afraid there isn't). At the end of the day,  I'm afraid I'm going to be stuck paying this bill.

When I purchased my home, I also found out that my ex still has me on his homeowners insurance, and he has filed two claims in the last five years. This negatively impacted my homeowners insurance, too. 

My advice to anyone that is getting married - Keep everything separate. Do not co-sign anything. Ever. I've been happily married now for five years and everything is seprate - even our home. 

Hope this helps - I know it's a crappy situation to be in. 

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