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my score is 587 i need help getting my credit so i can get a personal loan
i need a way to make my credit better im planning on moving and i know its going to be hard to get a house or an apartment im not going to be able to get a loan because i have bad credit.
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raising your credit score..
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Go to Credit apply for a credit card thru their system some places will start you off around 500 dollars, never use over 200 dollars of it..and don't take cash withdrawls, always pay your bill on time example if you buy something for 100 dollars, and you payment is 20 per month send 24.00 dollars see the bank likes when you make payments and don't borrow more than you can handle that is what makes you look bad when you go over your budget and pay the minumum,, my score was 587 now its 602 after about 4/5 months, don't try to get to many hard hits on your credit when looking for a card,, that will bring you score down.

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what exactly are you asking for here? The only way to get better credit is to pay your bills on time, and do what you can to remove or minimize the impact of negatives on your report.

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