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Most Helpful Positive Review

Feb 01, 2017
Low rate and great customer service!
TechieChris Borrower

There are a number of documents that they will most likely ask for as the process goes on, but they don't ask for in the beginning.  Have these ready when you apply so you don't have to delay:

- Copy of your diploma

- Copy of your most recent pay stub

- Copy of the receipt your bank sends you with the check image for your most recent paycheck

- Copy of your most recent checking account statement (or simply connect your account when prompted)

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 13, 2015
Still ironing out some wrinkles
Anonymous Borrower

I really like the idea of Upstart and think there is a lot of potential. They need to work on their disclosures and some technical bugs that could be perceived as poor customer service. My primary reason for the 3-star rating is that the 5% origination fee is not as clear as it could be. Although the amount is represented in the APR disclosure, the deduction of that fee from the principal amount at the time of disbursement is not clear until the customer receives the loan offer. This should be made clearer during the application process. My rate was 6+%, which is better than my bank, but 10+% with the origination fee added in. The identity verification call/process was redundant but I get it, there's a lot of fraud out there. The online application was simple and straightforward. However, I received too many confirmation emails and several emails that had conflicting information (e.g., an email that said I was very close to meeting the minimum credit score rating, even though my application was already being processed and my credit score is excellent). I also received an email addressed to someone other than myself, that made me question their privacy and security measures. Lastly, I was unable to contact their 650 or toll free phone numbers even though it was within operating hours. The 650 number answered and immediately dropped the call while the toll free number (third party) forwarded me to a generic voicemail box. 

Overall, I like the product and am optimistic that once they've ironed out the wrinkles. it will be a great alternative to traditional bank lending.

And I received my Amazon gift card via an email gift card code the same day my application was approved. The funds were transferred the next business day, as stated.

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Apr 23, 2017
Sharie017 Borrower

This loan is like a HORRIBLE credit card, NOT A LOAN! When you try to pay on the principle separate from the actual payment you've already paid, they charge you interest. If you choose this loan be ready to pay back a different lender every 4-6 months. And be prepared to be told this pitiful excuse: "Well we don't know when someone else takes over the loan in advance we do our best to notify you via email." What if I never receive the email? "Well I guess we could call" Do you think I received a call... No... Well what happens if I already sent the check before you sent me the email. "Well we could try to get it back for you and mail it back or hopefully get it to your new lender but it may be late and you'll probably be charged a fee." So you want me to pay a fee for paying my bill earlier because you didn't know a new lender took over. I just find it hilarious you didn't have advance notice of a change of lender when you were my original lender to begin with... Upstart is an extremelu questionable and underhanded company. I'm so disgusted by their dishonesty. I don't have time to discuss all the issues. I gladly have lived paycheck to paycheck to get rid of this loan, that's how TERRIBLE UPSTART IS... DON'T DO IT!

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Apr 22, 2017
Quick and friendly.
Anonymous Borrower

This was a great experience. If you qualify, these guys are great at keeping in contact and answering any questions  you may have! Such friendly customer service in a time when that is seriously lacking! Highly recommended. Great rates!

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Apr 20, 2017
Great and fast experience!
Anonymous Borrower

All my loan docs were verified and approved and loan was funded within 15 minutes of applying. Amazing!!!

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Apr 19, 2017
Anonymous Borrower


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Apr 19, 2017
Great for college grads who need help.
Anonymous Borrower

I am so thankful for Upstart, and this is an honest review. As a young, single college graduate who moved to a large city and had MINIMAL credit history, I was in trouble when I needed to purchase a new vehicle. Upstart worked with me, checked my education background, and current employer. They offered me a loan when I needed it most... and when the other larger companies wouldn't help! Thanks, Upstart, for helping us young adults who work hard but might need someone to look beyond our credit. Sometimes, we just don't have any! 

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Apr 18, 2017
Quick and Easy
Anonymous Borrower

The process was simple, clear, quick and easy.

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Apr 18, 2017
Quick, reasonable terms, easy to apply
Anonymous Borrower

This lender took into account my financial goals, family situation, and education. Thus far I'm highly satisfied by the process. 

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Apr 11, 2017
Initial logistical review

I got approved for up to $50k but claimed less than half of it. Here's my profile at the time of Upstart's hard pull:

Credit score: 668. (They show you this in your messages after you apply & it was higher than many of my various tracked scores)
Credit utilization: 66% of over $30k worth in multiple credit card accounts; no other debts (no student loans, mortgages etc.)

The minimum credit requirements for Upstart is listed at the bottom of their site under "Help Center" if you search for "minimum". 

Things to note are the 620 min credit score and no more than 6 inquiries on your report in the past 6 months (not including student/vehicle loans or mortgages).

What they ask you for in addition to how much you want and what you need a loan for:

-Your educational background

-Your job status & income (they will need a paystub or work email verification later)

-A primary bank account

Total time from applying to approval: About 2 hours.

Money was deposited the next business morning.

I had been debating on taking out a loan to cover my total credit card debt of over $20k since all their 0% interest rates were expiring and we had a series of financially draining life events occur that stalled my otherwise great, on-time plan to pay everything off. I nervously applied and gratefully accepted the loan a few hours later before the cutoff time (5pm EST), so my funds were made available to my bank account the next business morning. A further surprise was that my initially quoted APR went down from around 13% to around 11%, which was way less than my lowest credit card APR. Something cool about Upstart is that you get to see how much more you can get approved for with their interactive slider which will also show you how much your rate and monthly payment would rise/fall. Great tool!

Something to note for loan virgins is that the origination fee is taken out of your loan amount - you do NOT have to save up this money beforehand in order to accept the loan. 

Hope this helps!

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Mar 30, 2017
Amazing - Quick - Painless
TVproducer2 Borrower

I have... ahem.. had a bit of credit debt that was starting to make me nervous coming close to the end of my 0 APR cycle. Was immediately approved with a 711 TU score, with a 8.6 APR.  Loan was for 8,000. I would reccommend them to anyone.

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Mar 22, 2017
On the fifth lender, these guys approved
Crosmic Borrower

Hi interest rate and hefty origination fee. They approved me up to $16500 but I just took $10k and I'm almost 2 years into building my credit. I am too new for the rest of the lenders but they approved me for a better rate compared to other lenders.

I was thinking of only giving them 4 stars but out of the little options they had, they were the best and I didn't even need a cosigner. Beware though, I just happened to have a score over 700.

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