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Pay Them Off Quickly Helpful to 15 out of 15 people

As with all payday loans, they will get you with interest if you don't pay it off right away. I have borrowed from netcredit three times so far. Each time, I've had nothing but good experiences. Why? I pay it off quickly. Do not take out these types of loan if you can't pay it back in a short period of time. If you use the whole repayment term, you will end up giving back double what you borrowed. Otherwise, these can be great loans for those unfortunate budget mistakes and unexpected last-minute bills. The customer service is better than most lenders I've worked with. They are legit. And they will treat you good if you pay them back in a timely manner.

jbrzr3's review was:    

  Oct 07, 2012 Reply

jbrzr3(3, 24)

Review by jbrzr3

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Still just a payday loan Helpful to 21 out of 22 people

Interest at 245%, 17 payments of 110.00 every 2 weeks (220.00 a month) for a 800.00 loan. equels $1870.00 for 800.00. $1070.00 interest.

Shark rates! Beware!

Dec 03, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 13 out of 13 people

If you're thinking of applying, BEFORE you fill-out their online app to determine if your qualified (resultibng in a hard hit), go to the FAQ section on their site, scroll-down and click on the FAQ link for HOW MUCH CAN I BORROW .. (which doesn't give you a straight answer or limit, but says it's different for every state, etc) .. then select your State from the pull-down window. You may find out THEN that you absolutely won't qualify, since your entire State's population might be blocked, as it is in NEW YORK, for example .. and so, it would be painfully pointless to submit the online APP and have them hit on your CreditFile, etc .. only to be declined in any case. IF they are offering unsecured loans to people in your state, it appears to be a much cheaper option than the many PREDATORY "PayDay" Loan outfits .. but, be aware: that just like with PayDayLoans, they ONLY offer automatic-debit withdrawls from your bank to repay the loans/interest/fees

Nevele's review was:    

  Aug 01, 2012 Reply

Nevele(5, 80)

Review by Nevele

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Beware this is a payday loan Helpful to 25 out of 28 people

This great if you just need money in small amounts. However the interest is high it is better to try and find another way. I'm glad I read the reviews before I clicked to be reviewed. CreditKarma made it seem like it was a place where you could refinance high loans and save money this is not the place.

Lodemai04's review was:    

  Oct 12, 2012 Reply

Lodemai04(1, 25)

Review by Lodemai04

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Something doesn't seem right... Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

I have a credit rating of 643 and was immediately declined by them.  I wouldn't even advise anyone to apply to them.  And then after they decline you they still have your banking information which is extremely shady IMO....

Bikkrys's review was:    

  May 03, 2013 Reply

Bikkrys(1, 5)

Review by Bikkrys

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Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

 It would had been nice if they said the money was coming out every payday thats not what they told me on the phone and online they showed different dates as every month they were taking money out instead of course every two weeks if i known that i would never gotten it. and you pay twice the amount to even pay them off. it helped at the time but it sucks

Sep 21, 2012 Reply
NEVER, EVER USE THIS COMPANY! Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

I had a loan with them and it was problems from the start, they draft more than one payment and then I had to contact the BBB to get nsf fees back (took 3 mos because they lied to BBB and said they had paid my fees, now I have pd off loan and was given incorrect amt so there was an overpayment I was told would be refunded 3 days after it post that was on the 20th although they received the payoff on the 18th, now they are telling me the refund would be 30 days I have already contacted the BBB again, it should not be this hard, AGAIN NEVER, NEVER, EVER USE THIS CO.

ladylove63113's review was:    

  Mar 25, 2014 Reply

ladylove63113(1, 3)

Review by ladylove63113

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Expensive but fill the need... Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

Can't blame anyone but myself for my own credit issues. This company provides a service where others will not. It was a Godsend without a lot of hassle. Yes, it's expensive but so are any other bad credit products. It is an opportunity to set things right and get back on track. They make it easy and painless...if you have been looking for this type of loan or credit, you should know by now it can be very painful, frustrating and embarrassing. Thank you Netcredit!

Feb 18, 2014 Reply
Just another online payday lender... Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

Stay away! They claim to be an "alternative" loan, but NetCredit is just another online payday lender. They charged a rate that is more than double the principal amount of the loan! I have been trying to, for over a year, get in contact with someone in Customer Service or Collections to set up banking and finish paying the loan (currently past due as a result). No one has ever responded to my correspondances. The phone calls go no where. I receive a follow up e-mail, I fill out the documents they are asking me to to change the banking info, yet it has yet to be done! It's been a year! I have sent them over 30 e-mails! Their phone agents are incredibly slow & stupid on the phone! I'm paying $3,000 on a $1,300 loan....STAY AWAY!!!! STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!!

Feb 11, 2014 Reply
Very bad loan and very bad company to... Helpful to 12 out of 15 people

I will request to every body not to deal with this company.

Jan 14, 2013 Reply
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Company Overview

NetCreditis an online personal loan lender. It primarily caters to poor credit consumers who are unable to qualify for traditional loans but want to avoid payday loans.

After filling out an online application, NetCredit reviews the applicant’s credit score along with other financial factors to instantly determine their eligibility. Once approved, consumers then choose a loan amount up to $3,000 and can receive their funds as soon as the next business day.

Established in 2012, NetCredit is part of Enova Financial, which was acquired by Cash America International, Inc. , a New York Stock Exchange-listed company with more than 1,000 financial service locations throughout the United States and Mexico.

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  • Established: 2012
  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
  • Website:
  • Products: Personal Loans
  • Assets: N/A
  • Available: Online, by phone; Virginia

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